may 10th

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

longest blog post ever...and very picture-themed. i'd like to seperate into days, but life is just overflowing with beauty.

unconditional love is my inspiration.

1. stopping to smell the flowers.

oh, hi hunny.
this might be the best smelling rose i've ever smelled. caught me by surprise on my walk home. delicious.
2. life coaches.
a distant aspiration of mine. tonight yoga was taught by an awesome influential life coach. what an incredible combination. yoga instructor meets life coach. doesn't get much better. "what are you grateful for?" was his main message. we were on the same page, obviously i liked him:)
3. laughing 'til you cry.
over simple little things.
4. crafts in the park.
my saving grace to get me through the work day.
5. doctors lists.
never have i ever seen a doctor write a list of things to make note of - little bullet points to keep healthy: vitamin c, airborne, probiotics, curel, etc. so considerate. every doctor should send you off with a list of ways to get healthy.
6. wine after work.
great way to end the week. i haven't had a glass of vino with one of my faves in a while. these impromptu dates are always ones for the record books.
7. my backyard.

the fam always jokes that we don't need to go on vacation, as it's right in our backyard. it's true. i'm usually the least thankful out of the four of us for this great little plot of land. however, that's going to change.
8. sisters reunited.

what would my life without a sister? empty.
9. slurpees.
cherry, coca cola, pina colada. the straw with the little scooper at the end. makes me feel like i'm 10 years old again.
10. sunsets.
from different angles in the most random of places. specfically this time: the mount diabo hills.
11. dance memories.

i stumbled upon this picture going through old pictures on my lap top. this just made me smile and i couldn't resist posting it.
12. bouza fam.
so happy and loving and full of life. glad to know them.
13. metro.
love the people. love the ambiance. some great drunken (yes, i used that word) memories here. i just leave always feeling good about myself. and, nothing beats the tuna poke and the lemon drops.
14. lemon drops.
yup, the best. and the sugar coating rim. to die for.
15. mothers.
happy mothers day sweet little mamma. i am so thankful for you. you deserve breakfast in bed and all sorts of happiness and treats.
16. full moons.
we always get excited for them. i'm not sure how or why, but it seems so magical. i'm not going to lie, one time ames and i did a seance in the backyard and burning things. kind of a cleansing act. we are SO now and then.
i see the moon
the moon sees me
the moon sees the one i long to see
so god bless the moon
and god bless me
and god bless the one i long to see

17. dance parties.
with the fam. in our family room.
18. morucci's sandwiches.
i will go out on a limb here and make a bold statement: THE BEST SANDWICH. today's pick was turkey cranberry.
19. picnics.
something that is becomming sort of a mother's day tradition.
20. a photo...
says a thousand words.

and sums up the weekend.
21. baby cousins.
who want to sit in your lap for hours.


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