may 30th & 31st

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

1. finding joy in the fog.
the one downfall of san francisco is this gloom. i want to challenge myself to really not let it get me down, though. i remember genuinely thinking i used to suffer from SAD (seasonal affective disorder) the moment i learned about it in psychology. so today was exhibit a on how we didn't let the bad weather keep us indoors. instead we cruised the neighborhood and accomplished a lot. i challenge you to do the same!
2. getting out of my box.
big time. it's much needed.
3. walking arm in arm - one earphone in your ear, one in mine.
this makes me happy. i am where i'm supposed to be.
4. marina safeway.
i could sit here all day and watch the attractive people walk around. it really is a kick and all the rumors you hear about it, they're true. i guess it's what makes it so unique.
5. girls' mornings.
such a great feeling to have a house full of your best girlfriends recapping the night before. still slightly buzzed, giddy, and delirious. there's nothing like it.


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