two thousan eleven.

Saturday, December 31, 2011

it's been quite the year here on this little space. my home away from home. because that's exactly what it's all happening has been for me. a home. a place to create and dream and explore and offer up every last ounce of grateful energy.

i'm beyond thankful to have discovered this so-called blogging universe. in a way, it's saved me. you know what i mean? it's allowed me to tap into gratitude and - if you can believe it - become a happier, more self-aware person, noticing every single thing that is important. it's helped me truly discover the things and people i don't want to {and sometimes can't fathom} live without.

i owe so much to your eyeballs for taking the time to read. thank you, from the bottom of my heart. i'm inspired by you more than you could possibly know.  i can only hope i've had a fraction of a positive influence on your lives, just a sliver of what you've given me.

i want to share a few lessons learned this year. a moment of reflection, if you will, bare with me.

every single thing happens for a reason. believe in that. even when it's hard to see, remind yourself in that very moment, that you'll make sense of it later, i promise.

keep your friends close. create an army for yourself. yes, you heard me, an army. your best pals... ready to check-in on you or fight for you at any second of the day.

let love in. no matter how scary that seems, just let it. resist how badly your mind and body shy away from it, it's time. it's always time to love.

discover something you're passionate about and dive in head first. let it consume you because you realize that maybe you're a better person with this newfound passion in your life.

stand up for who you are {it's taken me a while to grasp this one, and it's a constant work in progress}. make sure that no matter what happens to you on a superficial level, that at the core of you, you know who you are and what you stand for. we all want to find our own voice and power, so constantly strive to locate it.

i hope twenty twelve comes with more learning and risk-taking and leaps. leap with me, will you? bright eyes for bright futures ahead.

big hugs and open hearts as you ring in the new year, my dears.

{photos 1, 2, 3}.


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