the bright side.

Monday, April 9, 2012

so i haven't been feeling like myself lately. my normal, grateful self. but, i'm sure you already knew that. lack of posts is usually a telltale sign.

so what do we do in our moments of weakness and self-doubt? because if i've learned anything, it's that we all have them.  confusion mixed with a little bit of angst shaken with a frown and stirred with a why haven't i looked on the bright side lately?

i'm sure we're all familiar with this age-old adage. but see, i don't enjoy feeling this way. feeling withdrawn and self-conscious isn't my forté, loves. not one little bit. i'd much rather be open and accepting and full of light. try that on for size. it fits.

anyhow, i know in times like this, it's most important to reflect on all that is good. so, here goes nothin' as i climb up the ladder from my dark place.

ipads. yup, my new one made the list. i'm late in the tablet game, but this little gadget has turned into a new favorite toy and brought me so much efficiency joy. does that make sense? it does to me.

new favorite yoga classes. just an hour of power and you're on your merry way.

delarosa. with good company. it never fails. yum.

the rare, yet sacred, once-in-a-blue-moon feeling after leaving work that says, i'm good at this.

weekends in san diego. i always leave thinking... what if...what if i moved here...

call me maybe, yes please. dance parties are a must.

saturdays in the park with a close pal or two. vino and brown paper bags. that's all we need.

four girlfriends laughing over a monday night dinner. there's nothing like it.

precious. a word i wish to never take for granted. 

*inspiration found here and here.


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