sundays are for adventures.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

i'd love to start a little series on it's all happening about sundays. a day that i used to despise until i realized it's a blessed one to be filled with leisure and comfort and firsts.

when i can, i'd like to feature my sunday's best. this past one was filled with a few very special things {i couldn't help but channel one of my favorite bloggers of all time}.

bright orange j.crew tops.
five colored balloons.
helium shortages.

quaint brunch at noe valley's chloe's cafe.  
punch buggy blue. punch buggy red. punch buggy green. 
one stop party shops with the same owner for twenty five years.

mark zuckerburg sightings.
delores park views.
pep talks.

jumping for joy.
pretend modeling gigs.
paying close attention to the details.

thanks for being my partner in crime, hey lis. you are well on your way to greatness.

*photos taken on my iphone, except the first one. that's all you.


  1. !!!!!!! oh and we rationnnneeeddd helium and lauggghhheeddd. Great afternoon, couldn't ask for a more energetic (after diet coke and carbs) picture pal! "heylis, what if I did this..." = AWESOME.


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