Wednesday, October 3, 2012

i've been eyeing this ring for months upon months... maybe even years! and then one afternoon i caved and hit purchase. just like that! i guess it was time. my rational, level-headed self ever so politely stepped aside, and the one that sometimes unnecessarily treats herself hopped in the drivers seat and, well, that was that.

after a phone call to my favorite italian gentleman at phoenix roze for re-sizing {ugh i do not appreciate my ring size!}, a credit card swipe, and confusion over a proof of signature slip from the lovely usps... it's here!

i am oh so grateful i even have the opportunity to splurge. every once in a while, right!? i am absolutely swooning over the delicate gold cursive. worth every penny in my opinion. and, lovelies, us girls need to make our own rules. every time i look down i'm reminded to exude love, choose love, and create infinite space for love.


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