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Saturday, February 23, 2013

i believe that i have several identities, and one of them is most definitely blogger. it's a label i feel comes with several attachments, like oh you write your feelings on the internet. but also oh! you are apart of that kick a** group of creative women who are changing the face the internet - and writing and publishing - in fact. well, whatever we may categorize a blogger to be, i miss the days of being one. 

it feels like long gone are the days when i had hours upon hours in my quiet little haven, in my city by the bay to just think. and to express. and to gather my thoughts. and write them down. i miss that sacred time of reflection. and quite frankly, i miss my corner of the internet i created as a place to call my own to document what is most important to me. giving my undivided attention to writing is hard to come by at the moment. this new pace at which i'm functioning - one where i have to be one step ahead - leaves little to no brain space for quiet moments of writing. nor does it leave me in a place where i feel fully satisfied with my words. just like a relationship, these words deserve tender loving care, none of this half-committed wishy washy stuff.

in due time. in due time.

that’s what i keep telling myself. 

once i have a place to call home. once i get my bearings. once i find my stride in my professional life. i'll find balance. and i will sink back into my normal routine. my essence... blogger. and always always a believer in love. 


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