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Sunday, May 12, 2013

a little note on mother's day.

every time i move into a new apartment you buy me a new tea kettle. it's the dearest thing. i don't know what it is, but somehow you get me all set up, decide to boil some hot water, and find that the whistle is broken. god forbid i burn the house down.

in fifth grade i was afraid to go to school because i thought you were going to die while i was there. remember that? {oh, kids, where do they come up with this stuff?}. i hated going away to sleepovers because i couldn't bare not sleeping down the hall from you. i believe they call that separation anxiety at it's very finest, a textbook case if you will.

now, ironically enough, i'm three thousand miles away from you, and oh how i miss you so. 

somehow, i think the distance saved us, ya know? you know me better than anyone else in the world, and this new chapter is helping us to get each other for once and for all. i've truly lost track of where we veered off course and frankly, it doesn't matter because we're finding our way back again. no matter where i go or what i do, i need you more than any other person on the planet. do you know that? despite any negative exchanges between us, it all comes down to one thing. love. you love me more than anything, this i know for sure. somehow i know that every single ounce of energy you've ever given me - positive or negative - is because you created me and you care about me more than i know how to care for another human being. someday i'll learn.

you are passionate and talented. more talented than you could ever possibly know. can you make me a promise? create more. make those topiary trees you were always so good at. redecorate a room or two. get a dog to cuddle with. turn on billy joel and dance in the family room - glass of wine in hand. share your goodness with the world, you have so much to offer. you are one of those unique people who is gorgeous both inside and out.

happy mother's day. thank you for giving me life. and thank you for being one of my biggest fans. motherhood sometimes feels like a one-way street, huh? a give give give while the other takes takes takes. well, i vow to start driving down this newly created two-way street. fresh black pavement, yellow dividers, and all.

let's start now.

hi, mom. how was your day?

i love you.

to all the moms out there, i wish you a day of recognition and goodness.

*photo taken on irving street, nyc. easter 2013.


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