i left my heart, with you.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

so i have this thing with cards.

especially the lovey dovey ones. {who would have thought, right? wrong.} i can't help but buy them. even if there's no one to give them to now. like, in this exact moment. that's okay. eventually there will be.

i collect the ones that are too precious to pass up. because someday... you never know...

{always best to be prepared}

i think in the meantime here at it's all happening, i'll just share with you. because you're my someone special.

this one is still in the wrapper. the original that started my love affair with the art of collecting. there's a sticker on it that reads...

i left my heart
inside: with you
greeting card/trolley

ninety nine cents has brought me more joy than you could possibly know.

years ago, before i knew of cable cars and fog horns and hills - oh my! - i had no idea of the true meaning of the saying i left my heart in san francisco.

now, i do. and, i am so thankful.

i love when things come full circle. may you find your circular love.


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