dreamlover, come rescue me.

Monday, October 24, 2011

dear mariah, you make for the perfect monday night recipe.

girlfriends plus mariah carey's greatest hits on repeat plus fake microphones plus dance parties.

this equals pure, unfiltered happiness. it's moments like these that stick with you forever.

your lyrics return to me so easily. i'm instantly transported back to the fifth grade. it's christmas morning and santa brought me my very first "boom box" i just had to have. when you believe - the duet with whitney houston - is on repeat all the live long day. i remember laying on the carpet in front of those giant speakers for hours with the inside CD cover in hand, memorizing the songs word for word. no agenda whatsoever except to get ready for the day's festivities.

m.c., you're a classic who helped define my childhood. the countless hours spent dancing to you in the entry way of my home sweet home are part of my essence. thanks for teaching me to dance like no one is watching.

it's funny. it's reasons like this one that make me realize why i'd ever want to be famous. to inspire. to have an impact on dancing little girlies. but, i guess we don't need fame for that.

dance like no one is watching, my loves. and, sing like no one can hear you.

*dreamlover and hero. two of my all time faves.*


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