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Sunday, November 24, 2013

so that one time when i lived in new york and got attend the victoria's secret fashion show...

...the story i'll think back on and smile and feel lucky and grateful to have had that experience. celeb sightings, taylor swift performing, and probably the most beautiful human beings on the face of the planet walking the runway. this rivals the two thousand nine grammy's {yes, it was documented the second month i started it's all happening...!}.

i remember in college we would huddle around the tv at theta for this momentous night in early december {a religious routine!} and motivate each other to be healthy, and to somehow, someday look like a victoria's secret model {so silly!}. and then, a few weeks ago, i found myself sitting in the audience staring at the a-listers in the front row thinking to myself, how did i get here? 

taylor kicks it off with british invasion.

alessandra ambrosio poses for shipwrecked.

karlie kloss puts her hands up during snow angels.

adriana lima waves during snow angels {and that's adam under her arm!}

the grand finale!

i think the lesson here is really in embracing it. don't ask questions. just go forth. hang on to what you're good at. persevere. stay strong. stay grounded. say yes. take chances. soak it all in. and live. live life for all that it's worth.

it was a night to remember forever and i am so so grateful. pinch me!

p.s. you can tune in on tuesday, december tenth to see the live show on cbs. also! check out the media running on stylelist as well as the countdown clock starting december fourth. so excited!


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