february 8th

Monday, February 9, 2009

this is possibly one of the coolest things i have ever done. the best concert i have ever been to and just one of the most amazing events to witness. so many talented and renown artists all in the same place at once. so many people i admire and aspire to be like. i remember buying the grammy cd in 1995 - backstreet boys at their peak - thinking it was the coolest thing ever. something you only witness on tv. lucky ducky.
2. the grammy nominee party.
unlimited food, unlimited drink, four girls all dolled up ready to be silly, carefree, and happy. a night to remember. really embraced staying up late! one of the greatest feelings of the weekend was being told we'd be picked up at a certain time not sure where we were really going, but knowing deep down that it would be fab.
3. walking the red carpet.
it may have been the "fast track" lane, but i still felt in the action. stepping out of the limo where the rest of the stars came out was unreal. that small little walk was indescribable. we had no idea what would happen and then before we knew it there was ryan secrest interviewing kate beckinsale followed by jordan sparks and jay z. i will remember it forever. the best is looking at accesshollywood.com or people.com and having the feeling "i was right there!"
4. live music.
one of my favorite things to experience of all time. i get so happy i cry.
5. cpk lunch.
when you're lost and have no idea what to eat cpk is always the perfect choice. thank gosh we found it.


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