february 2nd

Monday, February 2, 2009

1. laughing out loud. "lol-ing."
me: weird that you've already gone to bed and woke up and i haven't yet
Maryly: haha what do u mean
you went to bed after i talked to you!
me: no but you're ahead
like you've already lived it
and i haven't yet
Maryly: ohhhhh right right
february 3rd is BITCHIN let me tell you!!
omg i'm laughing out loud
by myself
in my lame ass cube in this dungeon of an office
Maryly: hhahahahahahaha
2. walks to northbeach at lunch in commuter shoes.
i never realized how close nb is. just a jaunt over the hill and before you know it you're eating lunch in washington square park on a bench in the sun with the crazies...
3. random correspondence with ann during the week.
there's nothing like a great email from a.m. full of positivity and things to look forward to...sometimes they're my saving grace.
4. silent video chats with ame.
this is my new favorite past time. tears streaming down my face b/c it was so damn funny. i'm so thankful for sisters...she keeps me young. i love that we know each other so well and can sit there and type and laugh and not speak.
5. epiphanies.
every now and again - moments few and far between - i have an epiphany. i wish it happened more often, but i think their rarity is what makes them so special. today, i got the feeling, however brief it was, that my life is rich. and, when you think about it, isn't that what we're all striving for? a rich life full of love and friendship.


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