february 16th

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

1. mondays off.
this one looks like the last monday off until may...i love 4-day weeks.
2. red nails.
i woke up today, glanced down, and was loving bright red nails. it's so satisfying when they're perfectly painted. just a little belated v-day color.
3. fedoras.
i have been in search of one for almost a year now. finally got it. there is something about this look that i love. thank you, urban. i hope some fabulous memories happen in this hat.
4. s.n.o.b.
this place is so rustic and quaint and the absolute perfect wine bar. they always have live music. i've had some fun times in this place...my one and only blind date (can't help but laugh out loud), a great farewell wine date with cm, and several wonderful friend dates. they all make me smile. tonight was special - as the singer belted out stevie nicks and joni mitchell, i had a much needed heart to heart with my best friend. after 2 glasses of wine and thai food delivered right to the bar i'd say it was a night to remember.
5. recipes for happiness.
there is always a way to find the light - to find the good - you've just got to put your mind to it. i hope she always carries this white envelope in her purse and we can look at it when we're old and grey and remember the bad with the good and the life of a twenty three year old. i am thankful to have those moments where you actually feel like you're "being" a friend. we go through the motions in many of our relationships, but when you can actually feel yourself "being there" is when you realize that friendship is one of life's greatest gifts. i wouldn't be who i am today without her.


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