february 11th

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

1. the rain.
it's so bittersweet, but when it comes down to it, it is so necessary for ms. mother nature. the poor thing needs some hydration at the moment. i heard the other day that we're going to have to start water rationing soon. she needs to drink up and meet her daily requirements. i love the smell and the sound and the paraphernelia and the fact that i can spin my yellow and black hearted marc jacobs umbrella on my walk at lunch and look up at the clouds and hum silently to myself "i'm singin' in the rain." my little secret game.
2. random cravings.
i think cravings are so funny. i'm excited to see s.g. go through them:) today, mine was out of the blue. diet dr. pepper. i marched right down to safeway and picked one up. i'm not even a soda drinker. but, it all started when diet dr. pepper became an nbc campaign. i was sold. finally, my craving has been satisfied. then tonight i noticed diet dr. pepper being "product placed" all over the cw...guess the kids on 90210 really love the stuff. the marketing worked for me!
3. grocery store runs.
browse browse browse. sometimes i'm so at peace in safeway. just wandering the aisles trying to decide what to buy - there are so many options!
4. public transportation.
i realize this is an odd thing to be thankful - who likes "standing room only" and people shouting at you to "move back!?" but, when i really break it down, i'm lucky that it exists. life has been both fun and interesting this past year with no car. i am quite the "green" traveler - "leaving a lighter footprint", if you will. this is one of the fifty ways to improve your life in 2009, too! i am now applying the tag line on the grand opening shirts of lululemon sb to my life. between electric buses, cable cars, and the occasional bart, i think i'm doing my part in the commute department. i did have a thought regarding bus rides, though. sometimes i just want to be protected. there are some scary and angry people in that bus a lot of the time. i'm kind of looking forward to the day that i have a handsome young man to keep me safe. that thought makes me smile. for now i'll fend for myself and observe the ipod wearing, iphone fidgeting, engagement ring owning people and wonder what they're up to.
5. cleaning house.
that organized feeling is so invigorating. i think i have closet ocd. it's not up to par yet, by it'll do.


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