pure goodness.

Friday, April 29, 2011

there are certain people we encounter in life that are nothing but pure goodness.

i happen to know one of them.

on my last day of work jeannine sent me flowers so she could "be there in spirit."

flowers!? oh my. the prettiest bunch you've ever seen. absolutely stunning.

she did not have to do that. i do not deserve these!

the story behind the card is a hoot. jeannine had to translate via phone to the girl at the florist.

over giggles this afternoon she re-enacted having to say the words puddin' and sweetie.

silence came from the florist's end of the line.

excuse me?

puddin'... like the dessert... but drop the g!.

she definitely missed the apostrophe {which of course was in the lengthy instructions}.

"she totally thinks we're lovers" says jeannine.

nope, just soul friends. yet another guardian angel fluttering about.

the thing with jeannine is, she exudes kindness. and, in turn, forms instant bonds with everyone she meets. it's this wholesome, sweet, loving energy she puts out into the world.

might i add that she's pretty damn good at her job, too. a natural, really. i know good things are in her future.

anyhow, here she goes outdoing herself again in the kindness department.

a million thank yous.

tippy toes, my love.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

i love a good love story.

i just have to share the sweetest thank you note i got this week. i am oh so honored to have received such a treasure in my mailbox.

i love getting mail. my day is always a little bit brighter when there's something in there. a menu, or even a bill. i chuckle when after 1+ years there are still letters addressed to tenants prior. so far, i know there was once an walter and a pauline. now there's just little 'ol me. oh, if the walls could talk. apartments must hold real good stories in those walls of theirs.

but, back to the mailbox. invitations are delightful; however, the best kind of mail are the notes you're least expecting.

i think that's when you know someone really loves you. you can feel them thinking about you.

feast your eyes on the most adorable thank you note you've ever seen.

after six months, i finally sent allie and matt their wedding gift. happy six month anniversary! is more like it.

i had the privilege of standing beside allie as her and matt exchanged vows this past october. she'd originally asked me to officiate, but it was a task i didn't feel worthy to take on. how could i possibly do their love justice? instead i got to observe them seal the deal forever with utter adoration.

i've been pondering relationships lately. maybe a commitment is brewing in my future, who knows?

it truly amazes me how two people can meet so young and "grow up" in their love and become who they really are. that's when you know the love is special, when you can do the growing together.

best friends.

allie and matt sure do have a great love story. how lucky am i to have been a part of it from the very first day i got the phone call...

"i met a boy!"


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

i'm at the grove.

the one on 3rd and mission. first time at this location. a nice escape from what i've been doing all morning.

it's such a cozy little joint. very rustic. and lots of solo laptop-ers and readers. i love that...people in their own worlds but in the same one all at once.

sitting here with my chamomile tea listening to this on repeat.

roslyn - bon iver & st. vincent.

...and blogging, of course.

i have that feeling that life couldn't get much better than this.

i mean, i know it could. but that doesn't matter when you're completely, utterly content in the moment. i think this is what we're striving for. more moments like this until every moment of every day equals contentment.

this is my symphony.

i want to get back to my city by the bay.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

happiness tip number three thousand four hundred and sixty seven. not really, but kind of.

put journey "when the lights go down in the city" on.

{on repeat, of course}.

and dance like no one is watching in your kitchen while cooking brussel sprouts to perfection. all on a tuesday night.

it works, i swear.

you will feel like the luckiest duck in the whole wide world knowing that you live in that city by the bay. yes, that very one.

i have this silly, vivid memory of the first time i ever heard this song.

i'm fifteen. sophomore year of high school. it's junior prom on treasure island. i'm wearing a long, sea-foam green, sparkly dress. this is the last song. balloons fall from the ceiling and a group of us are outside awaiting the limo, staring at the san francisco skyline. for some reason i remember the sky lit up with a bright golden sunset behind the bridge, although that doesn't make much sense now, as it must have been late in the night.

every time i hear this song i think of that moment. so young. i had no idea i'd be where i am now. no idea as i stared across the water, that that city would be my home. my everything. keeper of secrets and adventures and growing up and independence and struggle and healing and love and happiness.

this memory might only really make sense in my head, but it makes me smile.


Monday, April 25, 2011

so i've been thinking about fears upon starting my new book.

i found one in me yesterday. one of many, i'm sure. but i'd like to verbalize this particular one so i can face it head on and get on with it already. or crush it up into dust in my heart of gold and release it into my aura. as per the healer. {but that's a different story for a different day. i promise i'll share it with you when i'm ready}.

so here's the deal.
when i meet new people in places that are out of my comfort zone i get scared. nervous, really. and, i think overall i'm a very friendly person.

bubbly, out-going, jovial. all adjectives i strive to be.

however, there's this "place" in me that gets nervous. i fear the potential awkward energy that may exist if i say the wrong thing to a new person. what if we have nothing in common? what if we don't connect?

a particular incident happened in rusty's class monday night. in the lingering minutes prior to the drumming and the chanting exists the perfect opportunity to say hi to someone near you. remember, sherry?

well, sometimes it's hard to be vulnerable.

i recently watched a seminar on vulnerability from the ted conference by a researcher named brene brown.

if you have a moment, i'd watch.

i love what she says about connection.

"connection is why we're here. it's what gives purpose and meaning to our lives. in order for connection to happen, we have to let ourselves be seen. really seen."

isn't that powerful? which completely plays into my fear. it's okay to go out on a limb and be open to making a connection with someone. although that state of vulnerability can be intimidating, we're all put on this earth with the equal ability to bond with one another. rusty usually ends his class with this message.

we are all equal no matter what anyone tells you.

i'd love to summarize brene's point here, because it is so right on.

"the people who have a strong sense of love and belonging believe they're worthy of love and belonging."

i think this is one of life's greatest challenges. to find our own self worth.

she iterates that sometimes our "fear that we are not worthy of connection" comes into play. in turn, we must all strive to be whole-hearted. i love this term.

here's how the whole-hearted live...

they have courage. the definition of which is derived from the latin word cour or heart and means to tell the story of who you are with your whole heart. whole-hearted beings have the courage to be imperfect.

they have compassion. the compassion to be kind to themselves first and then to others because as it turns out we can't practice compassion for other people if we cannot treat our own selves kindly.

and finally, they have connection as a result of authenticity. they are willing to let go of who they think they should be and be who they are. authenticity is completely necessary in order to have deep connection.

i think this is the biggest lesson we learn in our twenties.

she continues, the whole-hearted fully embrace vulnerability and believe that it makes us beautiful.

i love her closing remarks.

we must let ourselves be seen. deeply seen. vulnerably seen.
to love with our whole hearts even though there's no guarantee.
to practice gratitude and joy in moments of terror. to stop and just say "i'm so grateful because to feel this vulnerable means i'm alive."
to believe that we are enough.

with these lessons, i know my fear is conquerable. on a daily basis i'm striving to live an authentic, whole-hearted, and vulnerable life because i am enough.

may you believe in your own worth.

you are the one i've been waiting for today.

i do my best thinking on my walks. solo walks.

does that happen to you? my mind wanders and wanders. i secretly love it though. feeling free in my thoughts. no one to disturb me. just the wind at my back.

often times, as ideas appear in my mind i'll say to myself, "i've got to do a blog post on that!"

by the time i actually sit down to write, the profound thought has escaped me. i swear it was a good story in my head, i swear. if i could just remember what it was and articulate it as perfectly as it seemed in my brain.

articulating what you're thinking in that head of yours is tough business, i tell you. i'm working hard to master it.

today i sang. out loud.

this song in particular was on repeat for three quarters of my stroll.

ironically it's called "today" by joshua radin. another anna class inspired song. she really is right on with her taste in music.

my thoughts trail off...

this would be the perfect wedding song i say to myself.

then i get started on weddings. and, if you know one thing about me, it's that i l-o-v-e them with all my heart.

{and if you know another thing about me, it's that i really just love love}. i'm okay with that.

as a little girl i'd cry at the end of father of the bride. i think that's when the crux of my obsession started. when did that movie come out? 1991. i was six.

this is the line in the song that really got me.

i sat beside you and became myself today

so sweet.

summer in a bottle.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

i've always been a fan of philosophy, especially their "grace" line. who wouldn't want to be doused in something entitled grace all day long? nothing like a little scent reminder.

a dear friend recommended this fragrance to me. a friend i've been encouraging to start a blog of her very own re: the adventures in nannying three little boy toys under the age of five. can you imagine all the giggles she has up her sleeve?

feast your eyes {and nose} on summer grace.

philosophy: each act of grace blooms wild beauty. like golden rays of sunshine, it brings warmth and happiness. grace carries itself with the freedom and ease of a fresh summer breeze. like a beautiful summer day, it invites adventures and opportunity. grace sets your spirit free.

summer grace is a warm, bright floral fragrance that makes a woman feel lighthearted, happy and carefree as if she is wearing a beautifully light sundress on a summer day.

yes please, i'll take it.

on becoming fearless.

in the spirit of my new adventure at aol, i thought i'd pick up a new book.

on becoming fearless...in love, work, and life by arianna huffington.

since aol did purchase her company - huffington post - for $315 million dollars, the woman behind this endeavor must have something pretty powerful to say.

i love that the message of this book is written to her two daughters and how they can live their lives with a little less fear and worry. now that's one mother to live up to. i'll be sure to share some great insight along the way.

i'd love to become a little {a lot} more fearless.

you are free to fly.

Friday, April 22, 2011

my friend minnie is one of the most creative souls i know.

you should see this journal she made me for my twenty fifth. wow. it's one of my most treasured possessions. with cut outs and pictures and quotes oh my. we have the same taste in all that is free and inspiring.

her latest find is one of my most favorites yet. i don't know how she does it, but it's a hidden talent if you ask me...discovering these little gems.

may you have a happy weekend where you feel free to fly.


can i tell you the sweetest surprise that happened to me the other day? and i do love a good surprise. they happen rarely so it's important to really relish in them, which is why i'd love to share with you here.

it's wednesday evening at about 6:15pm. i'm attempting to do exercise tv in the 20 minutes i have to spare.

i get a loud knock knock knock on my apartment door.

i immediately panic thinking it's the guy below me coming up to complain about my jillian michaels jumping moves.

i peek out the peep hole {which i've never used by the way}.

it's the ups man! he has a rather large box for me to sign for.

i never get packages! unless of course i order them. exhibit a and b.

anyhow, clearly i'm making this short story long.


a bottle of J champagne along with two flutes.

the best part. the note.

welcome to the aol family.

how simply delighted i am. a million thank you's.

i heart aol.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

i have some exciting news to report on it's all happening.

things have come full circle in my career, friends.

i start at aol in a creative sales development strategy role on may 9th. i couldn't be more excited and thrilled and bursting at the seams with joy. i love that phrase.

it's been quite the whirlwind, hence the buzzing energy in my universe. i can't wait to share with you the many epiphanies i've had along the road.

the most exciting part. aol is it. i can feel it. it's my career. i'm in it for the long haul. i'm exactly where i'm supposed to be. magic.

do you know how good that feels? that's why we have to trust that every decision we've ever made in our lives is the right one. it's all about trust.

i think it's important to share with you how i went out on a limb and spoke from my heart when asked "why aol?"

trust me when i say this. it all falls into place.

life, that is.


i have this vivid memory at about age eleven - 1996 it must have been. it's a saturday morning and i'm sitting with my dad, mom, and sister in our family's computer room. my dad has just purchased "america online" for our family's single desktop computer. the internet is this new foreign concept. it's dial-up of course...even with our "high speed" modem, it takes about three minutes to "sign on." step 1....step 2....step 3....verifying password. i still use the same one i created on that very day.

i remember feeling creative pressure to come up with the perfect screen name. something i'd carry with me and identify with for ever and ever :) i even had scratch paper and with the help of the "fam" finally came up with "gmsmiles4u." seemed so fitting for me. gina martini smiles for you. i only un-willingly gave it up when i made the jump from college to the real world.

oh, the days of the first instant messages and chat rooms. so much has happened and been said via gmsmiles4u. so much growth. seems like a lifetime ago to me especially to think how the internet has grown from there. i think this is why I'm so drawn to the digital world, especially aol. because it truly was my first internet experience. i identify with it. i have this sense of completeness thinking that i'd get to be apart of the organization...to help nurture the brand...to live and breathe it.

the way aol is creatively positioning themselves in the digital space right now is exciting. i think people are on the edge of their seats waiting to see what great new heights they will reach. like i mentioned earlier, aol.com has been my sign-on page each and every time i've signed on to the computer for the past almost fifteen years. i feel like i've been with aol every step of the way, routing on the sidelines as their biggest fan wanting them to succeed. i want to see how they will change the industry... i think it's a movement of sorts. every individual i've met has shown me nothing but great energy, as if everyone is on this same page. that cohesiveness is so refreshing to see. i feel a sense of innovation and this is a culture i'm dying to be a part of.

i'm not sure why, but i feel inclined to send you the blog i write: it's all happening. i started it a few years ago and i think it'll give you a good sense of how i see the world. it's gone through somewhat of a re-brand as well, like aol....a few theme changes here and there. it also started out as a place for me to document all that i am grateful for. then, as of late, it's recently transitioned to the things that inspire me...the things i want to remember forever.

i always remember though, that it all started with gmsmiles4u.

...and off we go on a new adventure.


my dearest margo.

i remember a very specific afternoon we met for lunch february of last year. it was a sunny day at the ferry building, but it was apparent that there was a lingering dark cloud. she was mid-busy season. no light at the end of the tunnel. as she started to eat she looked at me and paused. with all her might she tried to keep her composure and said, "i'm miserable, gina."

as simple as that. no denial. this is the problem. i need to deal with it. that's the beauty of how margo's mind works. problem...solution.

i don't know about you, but i don't like it one bit when my friends are hurting.

i went straight back to my office and dug through my "quote" files to draft an email of inspiration in hopes to cure my margo.

i just found that email.

the subject line reads: i-n-s-p-i-r-e. it has a plethora of quotes. the point being though, i wanted with my entire being and heart to turn her mood around.

not to toot my own horn here, but i think it worked. by late march margo had the ball rolling. resumé re-vamped and meetings set up. that's what i admire about margo. she is a competitive spirit which will get her really really far in life. she's confident, hard-working, and rational. her drive is unlike anyone i've ever known at our age. i admire her and hope that this energy will rub off on me.

do you want to know one of my favorite things about margo?

she chooses her friends wisely. so when you're one of them, you know it's for real.

she loves fruit more than anything. and chris, of course.

we have the best slumber parties where we stay up late and giggle like little girls.

and sometimes when we don't see each other for a while we get SEPANX.
what is that, you ask? oh, just our lingo...separation + anxiety.

when work days are slow we'll IM each other... "what is inspiring you today?"

anyhow, the margo/gina-isms are endless. i'll spare you.

last but not least, margo recently decided that she wants to become a yogi.
i got the call on a saturday evening after she woke up from a nap {also one of her things}.

"gina, they have the six month special going on. i'm going to do it."

"OKAY!!!!" i shout with glee on the other end of the line.

"okay, bye."

and that was that.

when her mat is next to mine, she is an observant and curious soul embracing this new found hobby.

we hugged goodbye last night on our usual corner before parting ways after a great class.

"bye, friend."

"bye, friend."

sometimes those two simple words are the most comforting in all the world, and that's usually how it goes.

i am so grateful for yet another guardian angel. she listens. she encourages. she fixes. we are really great for each other.

the end.

happy birthday mar.

mar, you are one of a kind. and i mean that from the bottom of my heart.

you also love your birthday more than anyone i know. soak up every moment.

we've always had a special sister bond. this unspoken "i get it" without having to explain things. for this, i am grateful.

happy 25th, friend!

wake up.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

daily, i get to wake up to the most amazing view.

however, today was one for the breathtaking record books.

i'm not sure if this will ever get old. finding my gem of an apartment truly made me fall in love with san francisco.

my wake up call was followed by a power walk on the treadmill where i happened to run into a sweet friend. we got to chatting {and huffing and puffing} about nutrition after i filled her in on my new endeavor...

morning smoothies.

she's been on the bandwagon for quite some time. and so have a handful of my dear friends for that matter. i'm a little late to the game. everyone has been so gracious and eager to share some of their most delicious recipes.

meet my new friend. we're just starting to get acquainted:

anyhow, i'm feeling so inspired to create nutritious, vitamin-packed breakfasts. the best part is that you are so free to be as creative as you want.

i like this analogy...

mornings filled with a blank canvas of fruits and veggies. go ahead and paint...well, blend...whatever your heart desires. it's a nice motto to take on the day.

a whimsical light lavender.

Monday, April 18, 2011

nice is nice.

i remember in the fourth grade we had "word of the day" booklets.

oh, mrs. alplanalp {talk about hard to spell}. she was sweet. and, i wasn't always on my goody two shoes behavior that year.

whimsical was one of those "w.o.d.'s." each page in the workbook had a line for the definition, a sentence that fit the word, and then a very special box for a hand drawn picture. i can't recall my sentence, but i'm pretty sure i filled that square with hot pink and blue swirls. actually, i probably used every crayon in the box because that's what i think of when this word comes to mind. eye-popping, fancy, twirling and magical with a whisper on the "wh," whhhhhhimsical.

we once had a "word of the day party" in this very same class. each student was required to dress up as one of the featured words we'd had over the course of the year. i chose eccentric. all i remember is that the costume involved head scarves and bracelets and sunglasses and clogs with socks. my mom helped.

anyhow, growing my essie collection as we speak.


i encourage you to make your very own shrine.

that word is oddly close to the word shine. i think shrines inpire you to do just that...


my newest addition is lord ganesha, the elephant-headed god.

ganesha is one of the most popular deities in hinduism. known by many names, as vighnanashi (god who removes obstacles), he is invoked to bless all beginnings. he represents wisdom and is usually shown dancing or riding a tiny but powerful mouse.

in light of new beginnings, may ganesha bless new paths and remove obstacles.


linds once sent me an email that read in the subject line: 3 min mark :)

the note that ensued was equally as "soul sister."

she is most definitely one of my guardian angels. in light of the video clip, she is the gayle to my oprah.

the email was dated december 22nd, 2010. just a short eight months prior, linds and i hadn't discovered our bond yet. isn't that a funny thought? think how close you can become to someone in such a short time. i think that's the beauty of adult friendships.

lindsey used to live 3 blocks away. that's approximately 528 feet. i saw her almost every single day of the week. we'd meet for 6 am runs and do 6:15 pm yoges. it was our thing. how nice it is to have a built-in buddy.

my fitness soulmate became my real life soulmate.

{i love that word soulmate. you know you live a blessed life when you find a close circle of your very own}.

our runs were absolute therapy. it's quite a unique phenomenon if you ask me. any thought i had, no matter how crazy i believed it to be, i could tell her. that's pure comfort. one foot in front of the other, rain or shine, she was there listening and pushing me to be the best i could be. that's when you know you've found one of your tried and true. it's like a built-in life cheerleader.

now linds is a lot more than 3 blocks from me...more like 3,820 blocks if we're still estimating. all the way down there in santa monica. i can still feel her cheers though.

tonight after a quick chat i told her i was feeling a bit "blah and lonely" for lack of a better description. quite uncharacteristic for me these days, but, in the end, i am only human.

on her way to yoga she listened to me vent while i walked.

"breathe." she said.

then later i get this note: "beautiful heart opening restorative practice dedicated to you, my dear."

i told her that it had worked!

she added, "good, i could tell because it was super challenging at first and then you must have released it. and the message of the class was all about acceptance of where you are at this moment, whether or not you're relaxed and at peace or anxious and restless."


it's something lindsey has always helped me with. to accept myself.
it's important to be proud of who you are no matter your state of mind at that moment. because this makes you love yourself wholly.

angel friends like lindsey are some of life's greatest gifts.

every little thing is gonna be alright.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

want to hear a song that melts in your mouth?

three little birds by the postmarks. bob marley cover.

it's like butter.

shared with me by one of the sweetest and most musically ingenious people i know. thank you.


can i tell you a secret?

i love being single and independent and growing up and thinking for myself and being on my own.

but sometimes my grocery bags get a little too heavy and i'd really love someone to help me carry them.

and i want to flirt with someone in line besides the checkout guy.

and sunday's would be a really nice day to spend with a companion.

i'm just saying.

please keep my secret safe, would you?

*photo from my beautiful friend lindsey's board.

wherever you are, let it be enough.

mini epiphany to share with you on this sunday eve.

mid forward folding half split - man i wish i knew the sanskrit term for that one - the wise anna says:

"wherever you are, let it be enough."

this hit home for me. especially as i sat there fidgeting.

this, my friends, is the key to happiness in my opinion. at times i feel as if we are constantly trying to be and get more. if we could just enjoy what is i think we'd be a lot happier.

to allow each and every experience to be good enough in that moment because we trust that the universe will take care of us if we keep following our true selves and listening to our own voice.

i wonder if yoga teachers - anna specifically - know the impact they have on people like me.

i had this thought today. i think it's interesting how much i daydream about her class. the music, the heart openers, the people, the sweat, the wise words, the experience itself. it's powerful. her existence has changed my life so much.

i like this concept. and, it makes me hope that my existence inspires someone else in this same way.

it's friday i'm in love.

Friday, April 15, 2011

i went iPhone.

can you believe it!?

it's already starting to change my relationship with technology. only for the better, of course. things are feeling a little smoother today...a little sexier. yes, i said it.

i'm equally excited about the fabulous new cover from the one and only kate spade.

i sure did not waste any time as per my beeline straight from verizon to visit ms. spade. i walked into that store buzzing with energy.

{hence the beeline}

lots of good changes happening over here. well, after all, it's all happening. i chatted that sweet sales rep's ear off and then proceeded to do the same inspired energetic ranting all the live long night. one person after another. anyhow, more to come on this later.

off to experiment with apps and emoticons and ring tones and instagram and, wow, sometimes that keyboard is hard to type on. in due time, my friends.


i've been dying for a tote.

something about a big overnight bag with my initials really struck my fancy.

fancy that!

now, off to find the most perfect sleep over spot.


Thursday, April 14, 2011

i am convinced that this drink will prolong my life.


the words on the front of this enlightened bottle read...





...don't mind if i do.

the xx.

absolutely swooning over this.

the way i do it with songs is repeat, repeat, repeat. this one will be on for at least a week.


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

i splurged!

had to share.

yup, you're looking at it. four and half inch wedge heels. a little out of my box, but i am digging.

and, since i am in my dusky rose phase, i knew when i spotted the flat sandals in glamour magazine this month that i had to purchase immediately.

all seychelles found on endless, a new find recommended by a sweet co-worker.
my dears, they have free overnight shipping. it's magical. and, 20% off orders of $90 or more. do it. you know you want to.

the real moral of the story is about the wedges. i don't mind being tall now. it's an epiphany i had this afternoon.

may you stand tall and proud.


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

i had this moment. one of those instances in yoga that you crave. the reason you get on your mat. to feel. i felt my body peel open.

i like that description. peel your body open. peel back the layers you wish to shed in order to make room for your true essence.

you'd understand if you felt it too.

it was wild thing. camatkarasana.

heart open.

finger tip to inner arm to heart to lower back to hips to toes. twist. open. light and air and freedom rush in.

i was told once that courage and fear live behind the heart. choose courage.

yoga is my ritual.

*photo via my new favorite site.

stop and smell the flowers.

each and every time i walk outside of my apartment building and hang a left, i am embraced by these flowers.

i am a little obsessed with the smell. it's gardenia-ish {one of my favorite scents of all time}.

what are they called? it's a mystery to me.

all i know is that i am sure to stop and smell the flowers each time i pass by.

just can't get enough.

divine thoughts.

Monday, April 11, 2011

whatever your divine may be...think it...

the little things.

i have to share the dearest thing with you.

{dearest is one of my favorite words in the english language. i'm not even sure i use it correctly, but it oh-so-perfectly describes the feeling i get when i want to close my eyes, tilt my head down and to the left, coyly shrug my shoulders and put my hand to my heart. it's right up there with the word soul in my book}.

my mom did my laundry this weekend while i was out of town. isn't that the nicest gesture?

she helps me with my laundry a lot, i must admit. whenever i bring my whopping eight loads home on the occasional weekend i have all of these grand plans to get down to business, but before i can, she's gone tackling the heap that is sweaty yoga clothes and towels.

she does the most special thing when she folds. and, i know for a fact she learned it from here mama. like mother, like daughter.

{and, pardon me, this is for the pg-13 viewers only. yes i have my delicates on my blog}.

delicates. i'm not sure that i like that word.

anyhow, lots of digressions tonight.

please witness the magnificent, individually folded undies. she takes the time to fold every single one.

it's the most unique thing i've ever seen. and, without fail, every time i get a kick out of her folding tricks when i go home to put these colorful undies away.

i think...wow, she took all that time...

i'm so genuinely appreciative and thrilled and tickled, really...

thanks, mom.

it's all happening.

the title of this blog was inspired from the movie quote in
almost famous..

just thought you should know.

i love the phrase. and how she says it so care-freely with her hands up like it's as simple as the breeze.

jump start my kaleidoscope heart.

oh, sara bareilles. uncharted

this song holds some of my most favorite lyrics.

don't you think one's colorful heart so perfectly symbolizes a kaleidoscope? i like that image. i hope my heart is full of a million colors and shapes and patterns. colorful hearts make the world go round.

i also love the meaning of this song. it's about uncharted territory. the area of our selves and our lives that are unexplored and unknown. the places that can be scary but in the end you're a more beautiful and whole person for discovering them.

so, as sara says, may you stop waiting around and follow your own path the way you want to instead of listening to anyone else about where to go.

this makes me think of one of my favorite quotes of all time.

"you are master of your own fate, the captain of your own soul." -william ernest henley

now that is what makes the world go round.

if something is meant to happen, life will find a way.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

it all started with alexis.

this whole blog.

in college we used to write down five things a day we were thankful for.

want to know the honest truth?

i asked for and received oprah's twentieth anniversary dvd box set for christmas circa two thousand five. i remember sitting on the floor of our room in the president's suite watching disc after disc on our teeny tiny tv. i mean this thing was at its max 8 inches x 8 inches. that's the beauty of the story really.

one of the segments was on gratitude. oprah preached about keeping a "gratitude journal." shortly thereafter we got into a nightly routine of writing and sharing.

i think it has changed who i am to some extent because inevitably that process lead me to this blog.

i feel inclined to mention alexis today not only because she's one of my - what i like to call - guardian angels, but because she's on her path to accomplishing a big milestone this month.

new job.
new city.
new apartment.

check. check. check.

BIG things are happening for this girl. the special thing about alexis is that she does things at her own pace. she so delicately glides through life with a constant awareness of who she is and what she wants. it's a gracefulness unlike anything i've ever seen.

while we were once connected at the hip, we are now two independent souls bonded in the most special of ways.

here's my message for you.

may you hang on for dear life in your very own brand new adventure. i love you.

photo via she takes flight.


i gasped when i saw this photo. everything about it is dreamlike.

i dream daily of being able to do a headstand.

thank you, to the long lost mary, the once author of one of my favorite blogs of all time the t.ruffle girls.

someday this picture will be of me.

hello, sun.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

mornings are my favorite time of day.

that very moment when it's light out, the air is still, and the sun is on the brink of gracing us with its presence.

just before the world starts bustling there is a calm. i am grateful for these mornings i am awake and alive and full of energy.

one of my favorite weekly routines on oh-so-special mornings like these is a stop at boulange. their coffee makes me oh-so-happy.

happy half birthday to me.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

i have a thing for half birthdays. today is mine. i like when there's something to silently feel extra special about. halves are a nice time of reflection.

i also really love the number five. and seeing as though i'm in my twenty fifth year of life that started in nineteen eighty five and this day is twenty five point five on a sunny april fifth and i just have a short point five of a year until the real birthday on october the fifth. (did you follow? i don't blame you if you didn't. i barely did).

seems a bit auspicious to me.
auspicious (adj). giving or being a sign of future success.

i think this day is a nice symbol in light of what the universe has in store for me and for every being.

just for fun, i found this handy calculator.
who doesn't love a good calculation?

here's what it revealed...

Today is the Half Birthday!!

The next birthday is 183 days from now.

October 5th, 1985 fell on a Saturday and was 25 years, 6 months and 1 day (a total of 9,313 days) ago.


nine thousand three hundred thirteen days ago. wow. i am so lucky to have each and every one of these days.

a bouquet of ranunculus to celebrate.

here's to many more days to come. to the triumphs and failures...they all make up who we are...in all these hundreds of thousands of days of our lives.

may you relish in something auspicious today.

you are more powerful than you could possibly imagine.

Monday, April 4, 2011

this topic of power is something that continues to casually pass through my consciousness these days. power struggle. empowered. powerful. powerless.

i'm starting to realize that we don't realize how much power we hold inside each of us. we just have to believe in it.

one of my bests needs to find her own power. she's got so much of it, but doesn't know it yet. a true heart of gold, if you will.

she ironically gave me the sweetest treasure this weekend.

isn't it precious?
when i was a little girl, i remember hearing this phrase during a catholic sermon. it's always stayed with me.

...but back to us women, we need to find our voices. to stand up for ourselves. to have the strength and courage to step out of any form of a relationship that isn't healthy. and to communicate what we need. what we deserve.

that's what our twenties are for, right? discovering our own self-worth and self-esteem and confidence and power.

be the powerful light.
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