Friday, April 22, 2011

can i tell you the sweetest surprise that happened to me the other day? and i do love a good surprise. they happen rarely so it's important to really relish in them, which is why i'd love to share with you here.

it's wednesday evening at about 6:15pm. i'm attempting to do exercise tv in the 20 minutes i have to spare.

i get a loud knock knock knock on my apartment door.

i immediately panic thinking it's the guy below me coming up to complain about my jillian michaels jumping moves.

i peek out the peep hole {which i've never used by the way}.

it's the ups man! he has a rather large box for me to sign for.

i never get packages! unless of course i order them. exhibit a and b.

anyhow, clearly i'm making this short story long.


a bottle of J champagne along with two flutes.

the best part. the note.

welcome to the aol family.

how simply delighted i am. a million thank you's.


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