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Monday, April 18, 2011

nice is nice.

i remember in the fourth grade we had "word of the day" booklets.

oh, mrs. alplanalp {talk about hard to spell}. she was sweet. and, i wasn't always on my goody two shoes behavior that year.

whimsical was one of those "w.o.d.'s." each page in the workbook had a line for the definition, a sentence that fit the word, and then a very special box for a hand drawn picture. i can't recall my sentence, but i'm pretty sure i filled that square with hot pink and blue swirls. actually, i probably used every crayon in the box because that's what i think of when this word comes to mind. eye-popping, fancy, twirling and magical with a whisper on the "wh," whhhhhhimsical.

we once had a "word of the day party" in this very same class. each student was required to dress up as one of the featured words we'd had over the course of the year. i chose eccentric. all i remember is that the costume involved head scarves and bracelets and sunglasses and clogs with socks. my mom helped.

anyhow, growing my essie collection as we speak.


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