six trends to watch this summer.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

to be honest i've been sitting on this post for at least a month now, but better late than never.

trends are such a funny thing to me. i spend hours thinking about where they come from. the runway? yes. but also no. if i've learned anything about new york, it's that this is much more so the birthplace of a trend than san francisco.

for example, upon arrival to new york, i noticed that wedge sneakers were in. who knew? i'd never even heard of such a thing! either that trend never hit the west coast or i was not paying attention. so, after some light magazine reading and being challenged to know current trends via my job {you can watch the video i appeared in on behalf of stylelist for aol jobs to chat about what not to wear to the office this summer with the fashion editor of redbook magazine}, i put together my own little list of summer trends that i've got my eye on. so, here's my take on summer style and the looks i might try. ready, go!

in tribal we trust.

i love the idea of mixing in one piece of tribal print for some extra flare like the photo above, or even going all out with a long dress. i also see pops of ikat on iphone cases, backpacks, and nail polish. either way, you can find everything tribal you need at go jane.

pucker up for peplum

it's here in many-a-form - tops, skirts, and dresses - and quite frankly, i think it looks cute worn every which way. j.crew carries a simple top... and i might just have to click purchase {photo via}. 

bare in bandeau.

this music festival {in my opinion} inspired trend is really all about baring your midriff, so call it what you will, the point is your top is officially cropped. this takes the meaning of toned abs to a whole new level. check out asos for some inspiration. 

crazy for cutouts. 

this summer, back is in. so is side. in fact, showing just a little bit of skin in unusual ways is all the rage. the key is balancing the fine line of classy and, well, not so much. try lulu's to get it just right.

do it in denim.

always a classic choice, denim is popping up in everything. the classic denim cut off short, the easy breezy chambray shirt, even the manicure. denim is as present as ever {looks found here & here}

take that, tough girl.

so, the met ball? never hear of it until this year. or, i did, but i'm pretty sure it just went in one ear and out the other. well, leather is in. punk is in. the 90's are back. that's the buzz. mainly, i think the trend has seeped its way into certain pieces and so, a chic touch of leather is definitely a must. thank you, zara.

ps. just two more things to note that aren't necessarily broad trends, but items that are around every turn. the hepcat shade and the ankle strap heel {may or may not have just bought 3 pair}.  gotta love it.

okay, so long for now, loves. that's a wrap on trends. get 'em before the summer's over.  happy shopping! xo
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