dear san francisco,

i am so grateful for you and i love you because...

from on vimeo.

of your big red bridge that stands so sturdy and strong.

of your cable cars, the most unique mode of transportation in all the world.

of your bustling ferry building {especially farmer's market saturdays} filled with culture and good food. i could mosey on through you all the days of my life.

of your diverse neighborhoods, three of which have given me the best apartments i could possibly ask for.

of your outdoor activities like runs on crissy field and peaceful walks at grace cathedral. 

of your love and support for all things yoga. 

of your cozy fog blanket that keeps us protected all year round.

...and most importantly, because you have given me five glorious years filled with absolute bliss. full of adventure and self-discovery and relationships and best friends and growth and laughter and tears and success and failure. you've given me your all, and to you, i will be forever grateful. new york has awful big shoes to fill. just wait, i'll be back soon...

until then, don't change, you are perfect just as you are.



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