april 1st

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

1. changing the calendar over to a new month.
just that flipping of the page is so refreshing. this month's quote to inspire and lighten up my cube: "two roads diverged in a wood, and i - i took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference." - robert frost.
a classic.
2. away messages.
they just spice up the day. and you can get really creative.
3. the nice comcast woman.
generally, dealing with customer service reps on the phone isn't always the most exciting past time. however, today i got a true gem. who knew comcast empolyed such nice people - don't they have a bad rep? gosh, i wish i could remember this sweet woman's name. after she called ME back to squeeze me in for an appointment on sunday i told her, "i'm grateful for you! i'm going to pay it forward today and share this good karma you just handed off to me." she probably thought i was a nut. little did she know she'd make the blog.
4. dooce.
she's our little celebrity! i can't believe we saw her in the flesh. she came with the southern accent and all, and is just as funny in person as she is in her writing.
you can't see her in this photo because she's hidden behind the sea of people waiting to get their book signed, but you get the general idea of the crowd at books inc.

5. minnie.
the sweetest most loving and giving soul on the planet. i miss our lulu days. i'm so happy for her in nyc embracing this period of her life. go girl. thank you for checking in. thank you for always sending sweet notes. and thank you for being you.

march 31st

1. anna quindlen articles.
one of my favorite little articles of all time.
Exhaust the little moment. Soon it dies.
And be it gush or gold it will not come.
Again in this identical disguise.
-Gwendolyn Brooks
i had this whole speech posted next to my dormroom bunk bed freshman year of college and read it almost every day for inspiration to not take life for granted. i probably had it memerized. i want to be the next anna quindlen.
2. lemon yogurt.
my new favorite snack! "feels like a summer day!"
3. daily candy sf.
every weekday morning without fail. there she is in the inbox...daily candy. so fun. so hip. so sweet.
4. the plant.
formerly called lettuce. this great eatery right off chestnut might be my new healthy organic haven. i wanted to try everything on the menu.
5. smart water.
i guess i'm a victim of packaging and ad campaigns (jennifer aniston just looks so fresh and pretty drinking it). i like it more than "regular" water and it's always fun to treat myself to a tall skinny bottle with the little fish inside:)

march 30th

Monday, March 30, 2009

1. iz's version of somewhere over the rainbow, what a wonderful world.
i get made fun of because this song appears on my pandora more frequently than any other song. seriously. "oh great, gina's listening to over the rainbow again." emabarrasing. but i swear i have no control. i just gave it the thumbs up in the music library. every time it plays it warms my heart. it reminds me of a sad time, but also brings me joy. it was the song my mom clung to when my grandpa - her dad - was passing away. i think it comforted her. every time i hear it i think of him watching over her in heaven. she needs it.
2. don't put off tomorrow...
...what you can do today.
great little truism.
3. light reflections.
tonight on the drive over the bay bridge something caught my eye. don't you love when things "catch your eye?" it was the lights from the oakland shipping port reflecting against the bay. something so ugly turned into something beautiful as the calm bay glistened and shimmered with light.
4. old routines revisited.
i forgot what it was like to commute home on bart every day. great people watching. the weepies playing on the ipod. book in hand. pretty peaceful if you ask me. it truly was a relaxing part of my day. i couldn't help but think today how much has changed since that was part of my life. i felt a world of difference. i'm thankful that if i really wanted to - not that i do - i can slip into that old version of myself, wave at john of john's deli, pretend i'm still walking up to suite 501, and commuting home to the suburbs. the same goes for re-visiting old places and partaking in all of your old routines and activities. soon enough i'll be riding the cable car thinking, "wow, remember the day when..." that's the funny thing about life - without really realizing it, it divides itself into chapters in a book, free to go back and re-read as you please.
5. toothbrushes.
as i brushed my teeth last night, something dawned on me. what would life be like without toothbrushes? i think clean teeth is one of life's greatest little pleasures that we don't really notice. here's a little fun fact for you: In January 2003, the toothbrush was selected as the number one invention Americans could not live without, beating out the automobile, computer, cell phone, and microwave oven, according to the Lemelson-MIT Invention Index.
i agree.

march 29th

1. tan lines.
the first "burn" after hybernating during the winter season is always so memorable. you think you are so tan, but it's really just the stark comparison of the intense paleness vs. the new redness. feels good to have spring and summer approaching, though. i remember when i was little and i'd break out my first pair of shorts for the season. i have this vivid memory of being in these gap mint green shorts with a matching mint green and peach flower decorated t-shirt tucked in walking to my mom's car after school. i'm pretty sure it was 3rd grade. and it was the first 70 degree day of the season. i was excited.
2. one-on-one catch ups.
felt like the weekend was filled with a few much needed catch up sessions with some wonderful people i haven't seen in a while. whether it be a walk, a drink, coffee, or a meal i think it's important. i'm thankful for it.
3. driving windows down.
sunroof open. wind in the hair. fresh air.
4. new mac!
big purchase for me:)
5. how some things never change.
tonight at dez's it felt like no matter how much time goes by we can still sit in her kitchen and feel like we're 17. that's a nice feeling.

march 28th

1. waking up to sunshine...
truly does change the mood. it's amazing to me how much the weather can affect how you feel in the mornings.
2. the san francisco farmers market.
bustling with tons of people and vibrant colors and smells.
3. emabarcadero walks.
chatting and catching up and visiting the seals! this city is so cool.
4. rooftop sun decks.
sun sun warm me up.
5. college basketball.
something about being at a sports bar in the late afternoon cheering is just such a fun activity. so much excitement.

march 27th

Thursday, March 26, 2009

1. collages.
reminds me of being in junior high. i just felt like putting together a little bit of inspiration to envision the future.
2. bbm.
basically instant messaging on the phone. so smart and gives room for more words.
3. don't worry clock.
this makes me smile every time i see it.

it sits above the entrance of the fog city diner and each time i look out the window at the bay club i think, wow, what a great message. instead of numbers, this clock has the letters DON'T WORRY in their place. don't worry about the time...be happy.
4. enjoying friday evenings.
got to leave work at a decent hour to enjoy "happy hour." been too long.
5. impromptu gatherings.
thank you, claire. you are such a dear hostess filling your apartment with flowers and vino and little appetizers and great people. couldn't have been more perfect.

march 26th

1. luna bars.
toasted nuts and cranberry. my go-to.
2. tristan prettyman.
her toxic remake appeared on my pandora today. she rocks. i want to be her. singer. songwriter. guitar player. surfer. san diego girl. in another life...
3. hugs.
long ones.
4. flowers in your hair.
"if you're going to san francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair."
5. self.com.
one of the sites i'm starting to frequent. i love all of the health and the happiness and the "be your best self" it emanates.

march 25th

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

1. home time with ames.
we stayed up way too late. six hours is not a sufficient amount of time to be a functioning happy person. however, it was worth it. an evening full of f*r*i*e*n*d*s and lounging.
2. fab four.
as we sat at the kitchen table i got nostalgic for the past. the four of us haven't been together at home in quite some time. it's hard to remember the "before." now the fab four is off to college and embracing the real world. gosh, i love them.
3. camera phones.
every pic on here has been taken by my handy dandy blackberry camera phone. i love it.
4. fast trak.
today i woke up in the worst mood. i blame it on the pure exhaustion. i can honestly say that i hardly ever wake up feeling like it was the wrong side of the bed. regretfully hungover, yes. anxious, sometimes. but never in a bad mood. maybe only a handful of days out of the 365 in a year. anyhow, the point of this over-share is that one thing that improved my morning was fast trak. amidst my freak out that i was going to get to work way too late, it slightly improved my mood. the ray of light in the morning commute (which i am so thankful i don't have to partake in every morning of this life) was our oh-so-time-saving-fast-trak-pass.
5. getting my butt kicked.
sometimes you need someone to motivate you to burn those cals and get endorphins. i'm thankful for that.

march 24th

1. charity focus emails.
every morning for the past 5 years i've received a daily inspiration email. without fail in the early hours of the morning my phone chimes and when i wake up i have a lovely quote in my inbox. it's so routine and so comforting.
"you have it easily in your power to increase the sum total of this world's happiness now. how? by giving a few words of sincere appreciation to someone who is lonely or discouraged. perhaps you will forget tomorrow the kind words you say today, but the recipient may cherish them over a lifetime." --dale carnegie
so true.
2. shan's sweet emails out of the blue.
i can only hope that i contribute to her happiness.
"i was looking at my bookmarks to see if there was anything that might be able to cheer me up and there was your blog with its cute little orange B (for blogspot of course) and i clicked on it and...i took a deep breath, looked outside at the sunshine and just felt more refreshed and ready to take on the afternoon."
thank gosh for this.
3. flying.
i don't think i'll ever understand how it works. every time i land i am grateful as i'm not the world's greatest flier, that's for sure. something about not having control and the unexpected bumps and the feeling that at any given moment something could go wrong. i'm working on it. when i make it from point a to point b without any bumps or bruises i'm happy.

4. rez run.
with ames. perfect.
5. what about bob? quotes.
"i want some peace and quiet.
well i'll be quiet.
i'll be peace."

march 23rd

Monday, March 23, 2009

1. the nice LA office.
i guess i must admit that i'm lucky to get to work out of the LA office every now and again. it's pretty opposite the window-less cave that is sf. while i'm here i temporarily get a single office with glass from floor to ceiling. currently the sun is at my back. it's so bright that it's putting a slight shadow on my computer screen. i don't care, though, i'll strain my eyes in sacrifice for the sun. it's worth it.
2. ellen in the afternoons.
it kind of makes me feel "homey" at the office. i'm a fan of the background noise...kind of like i'm sitting in my own family room.
3. eagle creek luggage.
so reliable and sturdy. reminds me of wheeling it miles and miles throughout europe. full of the few items of clothing i wore over and over and adorned with the matching detachable backpack. good times.
4. sheraton universal.
i think it's a great, easy, efficient hotel. love the workout room. and the room service. and the comfy beds that you can kind of disappear into.
5. sleepovers.
i like to pretend i have an older sister:) since i wasn't born with one i think it's one of my callings in life to find as many older sister figures as i can.

march 22nd

today my blog is people-themed. dedicated to genuine souls.
1. paula.
a unique and loving mother. i can honestly say i feel as if she loves me as her own daughter. so curious and encouraging of me. i am so lucky to have her in my life.
2. brian.
it amazes me how two people find each other. for more than 20 years they live their lives apart and don't even know that one another exist. then they come together and make the other person a huge priority in their lives. it's fascinating to me. when i was little i have this vivid memory of our long-time family babysitter, jen, tucking me in at night. in my pink and wicker covered room she sat at the edge of my bed and said to me: "imagine what your husband is doing right now..." that must have been when my obsession with love first started. my innocent 8-year-old self pictured him watching tv on his family room couch. somewhere. out there. wouldn't it be funny if that was actually true. no one will ever know - except god of course. anyhow, somehow being thankful for brian and that b & a found each other made me go off on that tangent. my very best thoughts go out to them both and i'm grateful the universe brought them together.
3. kelley.
she is one of the more giving and motherly women i know who wants the best for her friends and the people she loves. we were on the same page today and i'm thankful for that:) great minds think alike. she was kind enough to drive me up to studio city and host me at her little apartment so i could work out of the LA office. bottle of wine included in the one night stay. i am so proud of the successful life she has created for herself post-college. go girlfriend. thank you!
4. alexis.
sometimes i get cravings to be curled up in that king bed with the giant brown comforter on a saturday morning with my best friend. after living in different cities and coming down for a visit i am reminded by how much time we really did spend together at one point in our lives. 24/7 is not an understatment. alexis is one of my definitions of comfort. love and miss her.
5. the rorden fam.
they are so dear. their house is so positive and full of love. i can honestly say that there's no way to leave not feeling positive. thankful to know them.

march 21st

1. BART.
it's a love-hate relationship, really. however, it gets you directly to the airport in no time at all.
2. travel buddies.
makes the journey that much more enjoyable. thank you to my two beautiful margarets...the time just flew by.
3. san diego.
my dreams of moving here still exist. if you had asked me in 2007 where i would be at twenty three it would be in del mar living on the coast with my best friend. funny how plans change and before you know it you find yourself in a place that never really even crossed your mind. but, it all works out. i have faith that the universe will put everything as it should be. for now san diego is one of my most favorite destinations.
4. cute cafes.
a little saturday morning breakfast in the sun at an old yellow-house-turned-cafe in leucadia.
5. college crew.
i am blessed. beyond thankful.

march 20th

Thursday, March 19, 2009

1. sweet dreams playlists.
filled with alexi murdoch, annie lennox, amos lee, and much more...
"may the grace of god be with you always in your heart
may you know the truth inside you from the start
may you find the strength to know you are part of something beautiful."
some of the more beautiful words i've ever heard. i'll fall asleep to that ever night, thank you.
2. perfect nails.
not a chip in sight...the perfect pale pink. there's nothing like it.
3. silk.
a peaceful nail and foot spa. 50 yards from my home sweet apartment.
4. rob convos.
you know those people that are just so easy to talk to? you feel like you can say anything to them and yet you barely know them. i love that. i'm thankful for rob and our usual 20 min friday check-ins on all aspects of life.
5. cow cow <3
what would i do without him? for my 8th birthday i opened a perfectly wrapped red, white, and blue reebok showbox to find my most favorite stuffed animal ever. he's got me through some tough times.

march 19th

1. parker p.
as i meandered into lulu free yoga tonight i expected a packed class full of 65 people like i'd heard were there the previous week. i hate to admit it, but this has been slightly detering me from going as frequently. instead, upon entering, i felt like it was last april when lulu was a little best-kept-secret, hardly packed at all. parker is such a fabulous-cool-loving-hippie-soul. she was in sb during grand opening of lulu the first day i was on the floor as nervous as ever. tonight, after i told her i hadn't been in a while said: "sometimes we have to not come for a while so we can remember that it feels good to be back." this is so true about many things in life. like when you leave a place you live for a while and return with a new kind of appreciation.
2. sunset over downtown.
on my jaunt to union i caught the tail end of the sunset in the reverse direction - away from the sun. the buildings were half shadowed and half shining bright with a pretty gray colored sky back drop. loved it. i paused extra long on every corner to turn my head.
3. nick.
two words: sweet heart.
4. advice.

there's a funny story behind this little note. when i first moved to the city a year ago i was seeking some advice. i think i was having a lonely day...thinking about love. via gchat s.g. wrote me some wise words. and, what did i do? i saved the conversation and wrote it down word for word on a piece of lined paper only to re-read it every now and again. (this reminds me of a third grade dictation lesson). i'm big on saving advice. in fact, i've been known to email myself conversations i've had just to be able to pull the words back up when i might need them. and we all know: words are powerful. you never know when you'll be having a bad day and need a pick-me-up. the most important statement on this piece of paper is in all caps: THE MORE CAREFREE AND CONFIDENT YOU ARE THE BETTER.
point taken.
5. new kombucha flavors.
yes, it's the little things. i wonder how much money i've spent on this stuff. rejuvinate. restore. revitalize. replenish. regenerate. who wouldn't want to buy it? so far i've noticed 3 new flavors all with black labels. i picked up botanic no.3 last night and the checker at whole foods informed me that "it really gets things moving if you know what i mean..."
ok, great, thanks for the tip.

march 18th

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

happy aloha birthday laur!
1. neutrogena grapefruit facewash.
every time i wash my face i feel like i'm eating sour grapefruit candies. yum! and, i think of vanessa hudgens every time.
i probably subconsciously bought it because of this, but i also think i was a sucker for the color pink.
2. silly questions.
the other day i asked stace an interesting question that i've been thinking about for a while, but never actually asked anyone. what is the one song that always pops in your head if you're just dying to start singing a song aka your "go-to" song?
hers is one from the brady bunch. mine is the dawson's creek theme song. "i don't want to wait for our lives to be overrrrrrr...." oh paula cole.
what's yours?
3. putting names to faces.
i never thought my profession would entail my main mode of communication to be via email. so not my personality. but, i'm learning. got to go to a nice lunch today with the people i work with on a daily basis. go old navy.
4. great doctors.
it's so nice to find a young doctor to relate to. very refreshing!
5. visiting georgia.
a little 4pm stroll to the park to visit georgia o'keefe and her two dogs. discovered a new fabulous statue today. we named her adele the heart.

just spreading some love...

march 17th

1. mail.
thank gosh for usps. snail mail is slightly under-rated. it leaves your hands to magically appear in someone else's mailbox all because of a number and street name. if you think hard enough about it, it's fascinating. i'm on a mailing kick.
2. tv on treadmills.
today i got to watch martha stewart make corned beef and cabbage. i decided for some reason that i strangely really enjoy this show. everything is just so perfect and put together - kind of a dream world if you ask me.
3. secret notes.
shhhh never know when you'll find one...suitcases, nightstands, mirrors, oh my! great little phenomenon.
4. soberness.
on my way home tonight the bus was packed with some festive st. patrick's day party-goers. glad someone was celebrating. while the ride was filled with a sea of green, loud voices, and the stench of red-bull & vodka, i smiled to myself. never was i ever so glad that i didn't partake in jaeger. it was nice to feel healthy. had the yoga-tired-muscle-feeling and a whole foods craving. perfect.
5. elizabeth rosser.
sometimes i feel like a santa barbara yoga snob since i was so spoiled down there in that amazing yoga community. however, e.r. makes me feel like i'm right back there...almost as if i'm in one of kj's classes. almost. she's been my saving grace of a teacher in the last six months. i know there's way more to explore up here...and i will...

march 16th

1. gift giving.
seeing people happy is so fun! it's instant joy.
2. vallejo street walk to north beach.
just the perfect amount of steep and an incredible little view of the bay bridge that creeps up on you and takes you by surprise.
3. leftovers.
free lunch:)
4. monday night tv after over a month of re-runs.
i went through withdrawals. thank gosh it's back.
5. wandering.
today i wondered into lola in north beach and discovered one of the best inventions i've ever seen. a journal called "gratitude" filled with blank lined pages to write in. however, each page included an exercise to show and feel gratitude: write a gratitude letter to someone. write a list of things that make you happy. etc. it just warmed my heart that being grateful is a movement and we all need to jump on the bandwagon. we can sit around and mope and think negatively or we can truly focus on the positive.

march 15th

1. friends late-night on the couch.
there's something so comforting about watching an episode on the comfy green couch wrapped in a blanket. it's home to me.
2. relatable sermons.
if my memory is working correctly, i haven't been to church since christmas. hate to admit it. mom is a really good catholic and really great at encouraging me to go. when i was little i never paid attention to sermons...my mind would wander no matter how hard i tried to relate. however, the messages get clearer as you grow up and today the moral was that people are constantly tied up in the past and the future and don't live in the present. we are constantly worried about what's going to happen that we don't enjoy the moment. our anxiety gets in the way (enter dad and mom giving each other the look). i couldn't agree more, and lately i've been trying to be very conscious of living in the present moment. the priest also discussed gratitude and said that it is the secret to being happy and living in the moment. he told a story about his mother and how she comments even on a rainy day how beautiful it is outside and how the trees blow so beautifully in the wind instead of complaining about the gray overcast streak we've been having. i think this is an important lesson that is the secret to happiness.
3. grandma irene.
what a doll she is. her old house is so comforting. i love making her laugh and cheering her up.
4. crafting.
i get into zen mode. i love making gifts from the heart especially frames. creativity is so important. finally i had some down time...
5. early dinners.
didn't eat after 8pm when i usually get home from work for once! so nice. brought me back to the theta dinners at promptly 5:30 days.

march 14th

Friday, March 13, 2009

happy birthday molls!
1.old friends visiting.
i love seeing someone you haven't seen in a while...how they've changed and grown up, but are still so much the same. allie was in town and i was reminded of her passion for life. i miss her and wish her all the happiness in austin. i'm so proud of everything she's accomplished since graduation:)
2. the northern california coastline.
beautiful beaches aren't just in southern california. i feel like our coast up here is slightly under-rated. my oh my how gorgeous it is...and right at our fingertips.
3. wind.
as i stood on a ledge over looking the ocean the wind whipped passed me so hard that i couldn't hear anything but the sound of the wind...it definitely has it's own voice. eyes watering...hair tangled...so rejuvinating!
4. the golden gate bridge.
so picturesque...
5. neighbors.
we really only have one, and he doesn't even live there, he just runs a hair salon downstairs. he makes me feel good every time i leave the house:)

march 13th

friday the 13th! i don't think i believe in it:)
1. holiday in spain.
live. by the counting crows. on pandora. friday morning.
2. i just wanted to say...

thank you! as do you.
3. free spirit.
why am i so fascinated with these two words?
(n). a person with a highly individual or unique attitude, lifestyle, or imagination; nonconformist.
somehow it has become one of my goals in life.
4. a fabulous yoga class at lunch.
i needed this. wow.
5. productivity.
love leaving with the feeling that i've got a small handle on things. bright coral nails on the keyboard really made me happy today:)

march 12th

1. diagonal sidewalks.
something is so fun about walking right through intersections. you feel like you're breaking the rules and being rebellious.
2. laughter...
...is the best medicine. i feel like i laughed a lot today about silly things.
3. the perfect gift.
you know that feeling where you just find something so fitting for someone? you know they've been wanting it and a birthday just happens to be coming up...you know they're going to love it. great feeling to know you'll bring someone joy.
4. getting lost, but then being composed.
i was so engrossed in my people magazine article about the "where are they now?" slumdog millionare kids back in india that i went straight passed my stop. i look up and panic when i see webster flash up as the next stop. wait, is that before or after fillmore? how far have i gone? where am i? a moment of sheer panic. which, i realize is silly seeing as though it's really not that far. but, there were a few seconds there that i looked like a true lost soul. it was such a strange feeling. thankful you can hop right on the bus going the other direction.
5. thursday night randomness.
wine + fire escapes + chats + maybe a parliament or two.
go ahead, judge me.

march 10th

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

1. slow strolls at lunch.
as i sit here and reflect on my day, i'm realizing that this feeling occurs quite often: i search and dig deep for gratitude. i go through the motions of the day in my head. wake up, get ready, walk to work, office 9-6, gym, bus, dinner, chat, tv, blog, bed. oh, routine...there's something so wonderful about it, yet also so monotonous. as i sit here and reflect, my day is split up into tiny pieces, and inevitably, the time that i get for a break in the middle of the day is always something that stands out. time is of the essence, right? thank gosh for the sun today...even though it was quite brisk. in the words of the beautiful l.e.c. (because i will never in any way, shape, or form take credit for this phrase) whom i got to spend this 30 min adventure with, i think i am in need of a little bit of a - kickstart my heart - action. someday when she creates her own blog, this is what it'll be called. can't wait for that day.
2. mom's nostalgia.
via text. "i was thinking about when you were a hot box girl today because it is musical time at school. those beautiful legs in those black fish net stockings. i sewed those costumes." i don't think about that enough - guys & dolls. good memory. great one, actually. thanks mom.
3. people magazine.
i need to catch up on my pop culture. jason and molly on the cover is really what got me to buy it:)
4. gap light pink heart covered pajama pants.
i almost didn't buy them. they were on sale after valentine's day at gap. now i look forward to getting all snug as a bug in a rug in these pants. that $17 was worth it. they make me happy.
5. maps.
love them. tonight, i just felt like google mapping. i decided today (although i've been thinking about this for quite some time now) that i want to do a cross country road trip. this is what i picture: a small group of couples - all of my best friends - renting a winnebego and making our way for 6 weeks around the glorious united states hitting all of the fabulous land marks. it'll happen...

march 9th

Monday, March 9, 2009

1. baby priscilla picture texts from jami.
it's amazing how quickly babies grow. i wish i saw her more often, but i am delighted to get a picture text every few weeks to keep track of her milestones...baby's first bath, baby's first foll over, baby's first pigtails, baby's first sit up. eat your heart out.

2. bedtime routines.
i honestly think it's so important to have a little ritual before hitting the hay to help wind down from the day.
3. cayenne pepper
i'm back on my kick. really spices up dinner:)
4. facebook for blackberry.
efficient when i have zero computer access.
5. the missing piece meets the big o by shel silverstein.
this book was given to me by a very special friend - a soul sister. shel silverstein is my favorite childhood poet. there is this one poem by him in "where the sidewalk ends" that i would read over and over as a kid and never get sick of. anyhow, i want to share my favorite part of this book. the simplicity of the entire story is what makes it so special. no colors, just black lines against a white page.
"and then one day, one came along who looked different.
'what do you want of me?' asked the missing piece.
'what do you need from me?'
'nothing. i am the big o' said the big o.
'i thnk you are the one i have been waiting for,' said the missing piece. 'maybe i am your missing piece.'
'but i am not a missing piece,' said the big o. 'there is no place you would fit.'
'that is too bad,' said the missing piece. 'i was hoping that perhaps i could roll with you...'
'you cannot roll with me,' said the big o, 'but perhaps you can roll by yourself.'
'by myself? a missing piece cannot roll by itself.'
'have you ever tried?' asked the big o.
'but i have sharp corners,' said the missing piece. 'i am not shaped for rolling.'
'corners wear off,' said the big o, 'and shapes change. anyhow, i must say good-bye. perhaps we will meet again...'
and away it rolled.
the missing piece was alone again.
for a long time it just sat there.
then...slowly...it lifted itself up on one end...and flopped over.
then lift...pull...flop...it began to move forward...
and soon its edges began to wear off...liftpullflopliftpullflop...and its shape began to change...and then it was bumping instead of flopping...and then it was bouncing instead of bumping...and then it was rolling instead of bouncing...
and it didn't know where and it didn't care.
it was rolling!"
to me, this is the essence of growing up and finding your own way. and in true twenty-something fashion (because i always relate it back to this), the essence of being twenty-three and creating the whole person that is you. it's about not changing yourself for someone else. and about being a complete and whole person so in your relationships that confident individual shines without any holes to be filled. that way we can all roll right along next to each other.
may your perfect match be a perfect whole.
here's to rolling...

march 8th

Sunday, March 8, 2009

1. daylight savings.
it's lighter later...enough said.
2. avila beach.
a great little best-kept-secret-of-a-beach-town. today was filled with sunshine and rock collecting and swinging and picture taking and strolling and browsing and snow-coning. it was perfect.
3. full circle.
as we stood there and said goodbye today, we all had a little epiphane. as ame drove away to go back to school and i stood there with mom and dad, i felt like the roles were reversed. i caught a glimpse of how she used to feel while i was away for four years at school. now i'm the one driving back home while she spends four years in the same place. soon enough she'll be back home and i'll be elsewhere. oh the circle of life. and then dad goes, "seems like this is how it'll be until you girls are off and married..." wow.
4. two words in all caps: "IT'S YOURS."
...an email at 8:07pm from our future landlord. thank you. here we go new adventure!
5. twitterpated.
my favorite word in the english language.
-to be completely enamored with someone/something
-the flighty exciting feeling you get when you think about/see the object of your affection
-romantically excited (i.e.: aroused)
-the ever increasing acceleration of heartbeat and body temperature as a result of being engulfed amidst the exhilaration and joy of being/having a romantic entity in someone's life
the way i describe is it when your stomach literally burns and is on fire with excitement. i love that feeling. i hope it happens sometime in the near future. that would sure be nice.
then i stumbled upon this video from bambi. i highly advise watching it.

march 7th

1. inspiring articles about inspiring women.
in the march 2009 california central coast magazine - from santa barbara to monterey - (a. this whole time i've been referring to santa barbara as southern california and b. i've never even heard of this mag) wendy foster adorns the cover... a "santa barbara style icon," indeed. she is a manhattan born socialite who owns four clothing boutiques, two wineries, two vineyards, two restaurants, and a home decorating store. i did frequent her store on state street as well as her restaurant and all the while not knowing who she really was. love learning about things that were previously right under the tip of your nose. anyhow, there is a wonderful quote by her discussed in this article about having courage and following your heart to get to where you want to be in life: "you just have this craving...just this craving to do a really good job. that's what i've had. like when i was in the graphics business before and i knew i wasn't really good at it. and i worked and worked really hard...but it wasn't with love in my heart, it was with fear in my heart - the fear of not getting it done on time, fear of not being satisfactory to the client. and i still have all that but i now have the love, the love of it. and that overrides the fear." i really connect with this statement because i feel at a place in life where i'm not really doing my work out of love, i'm doing it out of fear. and that's okay. i have faith that it will all fall into place someday.
2. san luis obispo.
only a little over a 3 hour drive down the coast and a great weekend getaway. my sis can drive up and we can drive down to meet in the "middle." i'm so thankful we're all relatively close enough to do this. my old life of driving up and down the 101 is so easy to revisit sometimes...
3. green hills.
the rain has done california rather well lately. the blue sky contrasting with the hills makes for gorgeous scenery.
4. natural cafe.
i miss this place. i wonder how much money i spent here in college. being at the one in slo works for me. gosh that cobb salad is yummy.
5. relax time.
i haven't just layed in a while and flipped through the channels and not really thought about much else than the fact that the csi re-runs are the only good thing to watch late on a saturday afternoon. it didn't matter, though, because my fab little fam of four was there just being us...thank gosh for them. i am so lucky.

march 6th

Friday, March 6, 2009

1. phone catch ups.
talking to molls on the way to work made my morning. so invigorating. a solid 30 minute update is the best when you haven't talked to someone in a while. i've learned that first thing in the morning is much smarter than after a tough day at work.
2. cec.
i feel like i've seen her grow up and blossom into a fabulous young woman. we are in the same city and need to hang out more!
3. fresh green grapes.
there's nothing like crispy cold grapes for an afternoon snack. i'm not in a grape mood that often, but today they hit the spot.
4. really good sushi.
on my top 3 favorite foods list, for sure.
5. friendships renewed.
i am thankful that ben and i have both rekindled and began our friendship in the past few years. he is genuine, trustworthy, loving and incredibly supportive of me. thank you.

march 5th

1. picturesque moments.
this morning on our ride to work i witnessed the "dearest" thing. two little old asian ladies in straw hats on the corner linking arms and walking. it was so precious. i think they were sisters. they inspired me to do some good arm linkage with ann walking home tonight. makes me smile.
2. chatty cable car drivers.
sometimes they really make your morning and make you feel SO special without really knowing they do so, which is the beauty of it.
3. lululemon experiences.
today i was a personal shopper. it brought back my days at the pant table "educating" guests. but, it also made me start thinking about lulu and how it truly changed who i've become. i realize that's a powerful statement, but it's true. it made me realize that life should be about being happy and free. it's okay to beat to your own drum and embrace that hippy-free-spirited-self. it's the only way to live.
4. lavendar mist.
a few sprays before bed over your face and pillow and you're destined for peace.
5. journals.
i got this at lola in northbeach. i walked passed it and literally gasped! it's perfect. dear journal, i was just thinking how you've been sitting on my night stand unused for quite some time now. but, i'm not neglecting you. you are my "go to" when technology fails me. technology is over rated anyway:)

if you look closely it says, "where troubles melt like lemon drops..."
melt away, troubles.

march 4th

sometimes i have mixed feelings about how this has become such the norm of communicating. i see why - it's efficient and easy. has it changed us as a society? either way i'm grateful for the random thoughts i receive throughout the day or the constant communication i have with some people.
2. chivalry.
i never really use this word...
(n). the sum of the ideal qualifications of a knight, including courtesy, generosity, valor, and dexterity in arms.
i like it...especially the comparison to a "knight in shining armor." i've experienced several instances of courtesy this week. it's so refreshing.
3. cheer.
no, not a shout of encouragement (although who doesn't love a little positivity)? the laundry detergent. the name and the packaging should be reason enough to buy it. i just love the clean smell. it reminds me of when mom used to do my laundry.
4. philosophy: grace.
this is pure heaven. absolute grace. my favorite smell of all time.
5. radio surfing in the car.
brings back the high school days sitting outside my house. singing and laughing and being silly.

march 3rd

Thursday, March 5, 2009

1. first dates.
i apologize to all of my loyal followers. i've been on a bit of a dating binge this week which doesn't make for successful late-night blogging. i've decided to take people up on their offers...maybe it was the "yes" quote from the previous entry, maybe it's that notion tapping me on the forhead from last week's horoscope. when it comes down to it, though, my own blog has inspired me to embrace.it.happening. it's new and different and about damn time. i hope you took up some special offers too this week.
2. chestnut street.
one of the most perfect streets in the whole wide city.
3. balance.
(n). mental steadiness or emotional stability; habit of calm behavior, judgment. this is what i'm striving for in life. a true libra, right? i love that fleeting feeling where i get an overwhelming sense of balance. i hope it happens more frequently...and after my conversation with molls this morning i agree with her that it comes with age - my new definition of aging gracefully:)
4. life stories.
one of my most favorite things in life is learning about someone else. i think my calling in life is to be a professional interviewer. is there such a thing? i want to be the next barbara walters. we've all got a story...something to contribute to this world.
5. the total you cosmetics.
where would i be without this makeup line? i've grown up with it...been with me every step of the way. started on my 13th birthday and we've been in about a 10 year relationship now. i don't want to take it for granted.

march 2nd

Monday, March 2, 2009

1. this excerpt from "a thousand times yes" by beth lisck.
it's been on my mind for about 2 weeks now...
"there might be a downside to being a yes lady, but first put on your hippie pants and think about how good it feels to say yes when you really mean it. yes, i will go out for a drink with you. yes i'll quit my job and drive around the country for a few months. yes, you can do that to me and see if i like it. yes, i will play third base in your softball game wearing a star trek uniform. yes, i want to learn how to surf. yes, let's not sleep all night and then get a box of doughnuts and watch the sunrise from the roof. it is a fact that you will see more things and meet more people if you say yes with greater frequency than you say no. (this is when we start remembering that there are plenty of things we wish we'd never seen and people we're sorry we ever met)."
i don't say yes enough and i'd like to say it more. i have a hard time finding balance between the yes and the no. but, i think it's an important challenge to face in your early 20's. sometimes i feel like i'll really start living if i just say yes more often. that's my goal this week - more yes's while still maintaining mental sanity. i challenge you, too.
2.eddy the endorphin post it.
he truly motivated me to get some endorphins at lunch. i'm thankful for this little guy.
3. office location.
there are positives and negatives, but today i'm going to focus on the positive and love the fact that it's 4 blocks from greenwich.
4. socializing after vball.
random bar in a random part of north beach. good catch up sesh.
5. the bachelor.
even though i really don't agree with this season or what jason did, it makes for lots of fun yelling at the tv. the best is dad's text mid-commercial "go molly..." made me laugh.

march 1st

Sunday, March 1, 2009

woooo welcome march! lots of good things in store:)
1. jersey sheets.
they make for perfectly rainy and cozy mornings curled up in bed.
2. parent accompanied apartment hunting.
i am so lucky we are so close...dad and his real estate questions:)
3. ryan, my dear.
he is so generous always offering up warriors tickets. i'm glad to have such a nice soul in my life. i don't know if he knows how much he helpe me in this transitional phase of life.
4. itunes song binges.
i just keep going and listening and purchasing. new song additions make me so happy.
5. european adventure memories.
this made me smile while laying in bed and going through old pictures. i love that i can lay here and picture one of my favorite places on earth and favorite moments in life.

carpe diem - hvar, croatia - september 2007.

february 28th

1. beauty sleep.
there really is something to say for getting your beauty rest. a solid 10 hours was more than necessary. it is so nice to wake up feeling fresh and rejuvinated on a saturday morning.
2. the l.c. wave.
adds a little something to the boring hair routine. glad i learned how.
3. sf chronicle wine tasting event.
what an amazing event! tables and tables of wine...big pours, lots of variety, food samples, and chatting it up with cute red-headed strangers. i'm so darn thankful for wine. someday i'm living on a vineyard and my husband and i will grow our own grapes and create an amazing "mom and pop," quaint winery. i picture myself in napa sitting around a large antique wooden table with a wonderful meal and bottles and bottles of superb wine. someday...
4. randomness.
how we ended up in a mansion on filmore and marina blvd playing guitar then to dancing to stevie wonder in a floor-to-ceiling-covered oak apartment on union is beyond me. i love days like this.
5. skinny jeans.
so glad they're in right now. loving the j brands.
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