march 30th

Monday, March 30, 2009

1. iz's version of somewhere over the rainbow, what a wonderful world.
i get made fun of because this song appears on my pandora more frequently than any other song. seriously. "oh great, gina's listening to over the rainbow again." emabarrasing. but i swear i have no control. i just gave it the thumbs up in the music library. every time it plays it warms my heart. it reminds me of a sad time, but also brings me joy. it was the song my mom clung to when my grandpa - her dad - was passing away. i think it comforted her. every time i hear it i think of him watching over her in heaven. she needs it.
2. don't put off tomorrow...
...what you can do today.
great little truism.
3. light reflections.
tonight on the drive over the bay bridge something caught my eye. don't you love when things "catch your eye?" it was the lights from the oakland shipping port reflecting against the bay. something so ugly turned into something beautiful as the calm bay glistened and shimmered with light.
4. old routines revisited.
i forgot what it was like to commute home on bart every day. great people watching. the weepies playing on the ipod. book in hand. pretty peaceful if you ask me. it truly was a relaxing part of my day. i couldn't help but think today how much has changed since that was part of my life. i felt a world of difference. i'm thankful that if i really wanted to - not that i do - i can slip into that old version of myself, wave at john of john's deli, pretend i'm still walking up to suite 501, and commuting home to the suburbs. the same goes for re-visiting old places and partaking in all of your old routines and activities. soon enough i'll be riding the cable car thinking, "wow, remember the day when..." that's the funny thing about life - without really realizing it, it divides itself into chapters in a book, free to go back and re-read as you please.
5. toothbrushes.
as i brushed my teeth last night, something dawned on me. what would life be like without toothbrushes? i think clean teeth is one of life's greatest little pleasures that we don't really notice. here's a little fun fact for you: In January 2003, the toothbrush was selected as the number one invention Americans could not live without, beating out the automobile, computer, cell phone, and microwave oven, according to the Lemelson-MIT Invention Index.
i agree.


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