march 22nd

Monday, March 23, 2009

today my blog is people-themed. dedicated to genuine souls.
1. paula.
a unique and loving mother. i can honestly say i feel as if she loves me as her own daughter. so curious and encouraging of me. i am so lucky to have her in my life.
2. brian.
it amazes me how two people find each other. for more than 20 years they live their lives apart and don't even know that one another exist. then they come together and make the other person a huge priority in their lives. it's fascinating to me. when i was little i have this vivid memory of our long-time family babysitter, jen, tucking me in at night. in my pink and wicker covered room she sat at the edge of my bed and said to me: "imagine what your husband is doing right now..." that must have been when my obsession with love first started. my innocent 8-year-old self pictured him watching tv on his family room couch. somewhere. out there. wouldn't it be funny if that was actually true. no one will ever know - except god of course. anyhow, somehow being thankful for brian and that b & a found each other made me go off on that tangent. my very best thoughts go out to them both and i'm grateful the universe brought them together.
3. kelley.
she is one of the more giving and motherly women i know who wants the best for her friends and the people she loves. we were on the same page today and i'm thankful for that:) great minds think alike. she was kind enough to drive me up to studio city and host me at her little apartment so i could work out of the LA office. bottle of wine included in the one night stay. i am so proud of the successful life she has created for herself post-college. go girlfriend. thank you!
4. alexis.
sometimes i get cravings to be curled up in that king bed with the giant brown comforter on a saturday morning with my best friend. after living in different cities and coming down for a visit i am reminded by how much time we really did spend together at one point in our lives. 24/7 is not an understatment. alexis is one of my definitions of comfort. love and miss her.
5. the rorden fam.
they are so dear. their house is so positive and full of love. i can honestly say that there's no way to leave not feeling positive. thankful to know them.


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