march 29th

Monday, March 30, 2009

1. tan lines.
the first "burn" after hybernating during the winter season is always so memorable. you think you are so tan, but it's really just the stark comparison of the intense paleness vs. the new redness. feels good to have spring and summer approaching, though. i remember when i was little and i'd break out my first pair of shorts for the season. i have this vivid memory of being in these gap mint green shorts with a matching mint green and peach flower decorated t-shirt tucked in walking to my mom's car after school. i'm pretty sure it was 3rd grade. and it was the first 70 degree day of the season. i was excited.
2. one-on-one catch ups.
felt like the weekend was filled with a few much needed catch up sessions with some wonderful people i haven't seen in a while. whether it be a walk, a drink, coffee, or a meal i think it's important. i'm thankful for it.
3. driving windows down.
sunroof open. wind in the hair. fresh air.
4. new mac!
big purchase for me:)
5. how some things never change.
tonight at dez's it felt like no matter how much time goes by we can still sit in her kitchen and feel like we're 17. that's a nice feeling.


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