march 18th

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

happy aloha birthday laur!
1. neutrogena grapefruit facewash.
every time i wash my face i feel like i'm eating sour grapefruit candies. yum! and, i think of vanessa hudgens every time.
i probably subconsciously bought it because of this, but i also think i was a sucker for the color pink.
2. silly questions.
the other day i asked stace an interesting question that i've been thinking about for a while, but never actually asked anyone. what is the one song that always pops in your head if you're just dying to start singing a song aka your "go-to" song?
hers is one from the brady bunch. mine is the dawson's creek theme song. "i don't want to wait for our lives to be overrrrrrr...." oh paula cole.
what's yours?
3. putting names to faces.
i never thought my profession would entail my main mode of communication to be via email. so not my personality. but, i'm learning. got to go to a nice lunch today with the people i work with on a daily basis. go old navy.
4. great doctors.
it's so nice to find a young doctor to relate to. very refreshing!
5. visiting georgia.
a little 4pm stroll to the park to visit georgia o'keefe and her two dogs. discovered a new fabulous statue today. we named her adele the heart.

just spreading some love...


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