march 6th

Friday, March 6, 2009

1. phone catch ups.
talking to molls on the way to work made my morning. so invigorating. a solid 30 minute update is the best when you haven't talked to someone in a while. i've learned that first thing in the morning is much smarter than after a tough day at work.
2. cec.
i feel like i've seen her grow up and blossom into a fabulous young woman. we are in the same city and need to hang out more!
3. fresh green grapes.
there's nothing like crispy cold grapes for an afternoon snack. i'm not in a grape mood that often, but today they hit the spot.
4. really good sushi.
on my top 3 favorite foods list, for sure.
5. friendships renewed.
i am thankful that ben and i have both rekindled and began our friendship in the past few years. he is genuine, trustworthy, loving and incredibly supportive of me. thank you.


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