march 21st

Monday, March 23, 2009

1. BART.
it's a love-hate relationship, really. however, it gets you directly to the airport in no time at all.
2. travel buddies.
makes the journey that much more enjoyable. thank you to my two beautiful margarets...the time just flew by.
3. san diego.
my dreams of moving here still exist. if you had asked me in 2007 where i would be at twenty three it would be in del mar living on the coast with my best friend. funny how plans change and before you know it you find yourself in a place that never really even crossed your mind. but, it all works out. i have faith that the universe will put everything as it should be. for now san diego is one of my most favorite destinations.
4. cute cafes.
a little saturday morning breakfast in the sun at an old yellow-house-turned-cafe in leucadia.
5. college crew.
i am blessed. beyond thankful.


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