march 2nd

Monday, March 2, 2009

1. this excerpt from "a thousand times yes" by beth lisck.
it's been on my mind for about 2 weeks now...
"there might be a downside to being a yes lady, but first put on your hippie pants and think about how good it feels to say yes when you really mean it. yes, i will go out for a drink with you. yes i'll quit my job and drive around the country for a few months. yes, you can do that to me and see if i like it. yes, i will play third base in your softball game wearing a star trek uniform. yes, i want to learn how to surf. yes, let's not sleep all night and then get a box of doughnuts and watch the sunrise from the roof. it is a fact that you will see more things and meet more people if you say yes with greater frequency than you say no. (this is when we start remembering that there are plenty of things we wish we'd never seen and people we're sorry we ever met)."
i don't say yes enough and i'd like to say it more. i have a hard time finding balance between the yes and the no. but, i think it's an important challenge to face in your early 20's. sometimes i feel like i'll really start living if i just say yes more often. that's my goal this week - more yes's while still maintaining mental sanity. i challenge you, too.
2.eddy the endorphin post it.
he truly motivated me to get some endorphins at lunch. i'm thankful for this little guy.
3. office location.
there are positives and negatives, but today i'm going to focus on the positive and love the fact that it's 4 blocks from greenwich.
4. socializing after vball.
random bar in a random part of north beach. good catch up sesh.
5. the bachelor.
even though i really don't agree with this season or what jason did, it makes for lots of fun yelling at the tv. the best is dad's text mid-commercial "go molly..." made me laugh.


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