march 10th

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

1. slow strolls at lunch.
as i sit here and reflect on my day, i'm realizing that this feeling occurs quite often: i search and dig deep for gratitude. i go through the motions of the day in my head. wake up, get ready, walk to work, office 9-6, gym, bus, dinner, chat, tv, blog, bed. oh, routine...there's something so wonderful about it, yet also so monotonous. as i sit here and reflect, my day is split up into tiny pieces, and inevitably, the time that i get for a break in the middle of the day is always something that stands out. time is of the essence, right? thank gosh for the sun today...even though it was quite brisk. in the words of the beautiful l.e.c. (because i will never in any way, shape, or form take credit for this phrase) whom i got to spend this 30 min adventure with, i think i am in need of a little bit of a - kickstart my heart - action. someday when she creates her own blog, this is what it'll be called. can't wait for that day.
2. mom's nostalgia.
via text. "i was thinking about when you were a hot box girl today because it is musical time at school. those beautiful legs in those black fish net stockings. i sewed those costumes." i don't think about that enough - guys & dolls. good memory. great one, actually. thanks mom.
3. people magazine.
i need to catch up on my pop culture. jason and molly on the cover is really what got me to buy it:)
4. gap light pink heart covered pajama pants.
i almost didn't buy them. they were on sale after valentine's day at gap. now i look forward to getting all snug as a bug in a rug in these pants. that $17 was worth it. they make me happy.
5. maps.
love them. tonight, i just felt like google mapping. i decided today (although i've been thinking about this for quite some time now) that i want to do a cross country road trip. this is what i picture: a small group of couples - all of my best friends - renting a winnebego and making our way for 6 weeks around the glorious united states hitting all of the fabulous land marks. it'll happen...


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