march 20th

Thursday, March 19, 2009

1. sweet dreams playlists.
filled with alexi murdoch, annie lennox, amos lee, and much more...
"may the grace of god be with you always in your heart
may you know the truth inside you from the start
may you find the strength to know you are part of something beautiful."
some of the more beautiful words i've ever heard. i'll fall asleep to that ever night, thank you.
2. perfect nails.
not a chip in sight...the perfect pale pink. there's nothing like it.
3. silk.
a peaceful nail and foot spa. 50 yards from my home sweet apartment.
4. rob convos.
you know those people that are just so easy to talk to? you feel like you can say anything to them and yet you barely know them. i love that. i'm thankful for rob and our usual 20 min friday check-ins on all aspects of life.
5. cow cow <3
what would i do without him? for my 8th birthday i opened a perfectly wrapped red, white, and blue reebok showbox to find my most favorite stuffed animal ever. he's got me through some tough times.


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