sundays are for adventures.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

i'd love to start a little series on it's all happening about sundays. a day that i used to despise until i realized it's a blessed one to be filled with leisure and comfort and firsts.

when i can, i'd like to feature my sunday's best. this past one was filled with a few very special things {i couldn't help but channel one of my favorite bloggers of all time}.

bright orange j.crew tops.
five colored balloons.
helium shortages.

quaint brunch at noe valley's chloe's cafe.  
punch buggy blue. punch buggy red. punch buggy green. 
one stop party shops with the same owner for twenty five years.

mark zuckerburg sightings.
delores park views.
pep talks.

jumping for joy.
pretend modeling gigs.
paying close attention to the details.

thanks for being my partner in crime, hey lis. you are well on your way to greatness.

*photos taken on my iphone, except the first one. that's all you.

good morning.

Monday, August 27, 2012

i was all in my head the other morning. you know what i mean, right? i was even straight out of yoga, the quote read during shavasana about observing your life from a birds-eye-view, but i couldn't snap out of it. my thoughts, heavy. my mind, restless.

then right when i needed it the most, i hear good morning! those two simple words catching me off guard. i was forced to pause, come out of my low place, and connect with another human being. what a lesson.

in that moment i was equally grateful and embarrassed. like thank gosh there is such a thing as a nice, young gentleman in a suit on his way to work who happened to be feeling friendly that day! and at the same time i felt ashamed, like really gina, get out of your head! {it's a like and an exclamation point kind of blog post!}

anyhow, i was grateful for that stranger all day long. he likely hasn't a clue, but that's the beauty of paying it forward, wouldn't you agree? so let's do our best to help each other out. some days it's easy to leave our troubles at home and some days it isn't. so, vow to spread that good energy on days when you have lots to spare. pinky swear.

*don't you just love this love door? photo credit to mylondoneye. makes me so excited for my trip! and sidewalk art love note found just down the street from my house.

love letters.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

i finally have a moment to catch up on one of my greatest passions in life... blog reading. oh does it feel nice to stop and check in on my favorite blogger talents!

i came across a sweet animated video on this happiness blog that left me all warm and fuzzy inside.  


it initially made me think of when harry met sally when the older couples share their love stories. my love journalist ways had me all teary-eyed {because it actually is quite sad} and thinking about the importance of writing love letters to the one you choose to be your forever. with all of the weddings i've attended and been reading about lately, i realized that my favorite part is the actual words that are spoken. the vows. the speeches. words are forever. so let them be clear, authentic, and from the heart.

this video is a reminder to never forget the power in the small gesture of writing a love note.

my favorite quote is said by danny, being married is like having a colored television set. you never want to go back to black and white.

may you find your colored tv's, my loves, because you deserve more than just black & white.

london calling.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

i have this curious obsession with london as of late. maybe it was all of the olympics hype. i am feeling a bit nostalgic for team usa. or maybe it's the fact that i have a dear friend {sister, really!} who recently took the plunge and relocated to londontown. or maybe it's my constant fascination with the distant aol london office...

i tell ya, something is calling me to that city.

{look, i already have the gear!}

on top of it all, i've had the travel bug for quite some time. i realized that now is as good a time as any, my sweet petunias.

the trip is officially booked!

i am beyond excited and incredibly grateful for the treat that is united miles, and for the opportunity to go on an adventure. scotland is on the itinerary as well and i couldn't be more thrilled. here's to exploring and taking a leap!


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

ever since a dear friend sent me this article on busy-ness, i hate to come right out and say it, but oh boy have i been busy! and, if we refer to the good 'ol fashion definition, it means - actively and attentively engaged in work or a pastime. yup, that sounds about right...

hello, work. it's nice to meet you. i see that you like to occupy quite a bit of my attention. oh, but don't you think that's a bit selfish of you? {as you sit and stare back at me with folded arms and a tapping foot}.

now we're well into august and sometimes i think i have the words to write to you, but mostly i don't. the gift of travel has a flipside of exhaustion. sometimes amidst the chaos i forget to be grateful, even though that's truly when we need it most. for now i will leave you with... gratitude according to iphones. sometimes pictures say what words cannot...

yoga with a view.

 summer adventures.

therapy walks turned dance parties.

affordable fresh produce.

country concerts.

@ aol nyc.

subway rides.

central park.

 wine country.

northern california beauty.

mail surprises.

san diego mommy practice.

denim twinsies.

homemade granola deliveries.

wedding reunions.


overall, i feel lucky and blessed. these photos are a reminder that no matter what, life will work itself out. just surround yourself with people who make you blissfully happy and who lift you up... make them your guardian angels.

see you soon and lots of hugs and stuff, g.
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