love letters.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

i finally have a moment to catch up on one of my greatest passions in life... blog reading. oh does it feel nice to stop and check in on my favorite blogger talents!

i came across a sweet animated video on this happiness blog that left me all warm and fuzzy inside.  


it initially made me think of when harry met sally when the older couples share their love stories. my love journalist ways had me all teary-eyed {because it actually is quite sad} and thinking about the importance of writing love letters to the one you choose to be your forever. with all of the weddings i've attended and been reading about lately, i realized that my favorite part is the actual words that are spoken. the vows. the speeches. words are forever. so let them be clear, authentic, and from the heart.

this video is a reminder to never forget the power in the small gesture of writing a love note.

my favorite quote is said by danny, being married is like having a colored television set. you never want to go back to black and white.

may you find your colored tv's, my loves, because you deserve more than just black & white.


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