june 17th

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

happy birthday to my soul sister. stacie glynn, you are my guiding light. rock that "boy" necklace and anticipate the blessed baby you are about to bring into this world.

so yes, i've been on a bit of a blogging hiatus lately.
a healthy hiatus, though. hiatus is a funny word.

a word that has been on my mind lately in which i am incredibly grateful for:


i'm learning new meanings to this word and having the best time letting go - enjoying the ride of life.

adore. appreciate. be entertained. be fond of. be pleased. cotton to. delight in. dig. dote on. drink in. eat up. fancy. flip over. freak out on. get a charge out of. get a kick out of. get high on. go. have a ball. have a good time. have fun. like. live a little. live it up. love. luxuriate in. mind. paint the town. rejoice in. relish. revel in. savor. take joy in. thrill to.

thank you, thesaurus.com.

june 8th

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

1. henna tattoos.
live free. my strongest attempt at being a rebel. these are so cool.
2. food journals.
keeps me in check and organized. a saving grace.
3. starting new books.
i love a good bus read...it's time to get back into it. i feel like something is missing.
book of choice: epiphany and her friends
this is why i'm going to like this book...
what is epiphany?
i see epiphany as a beautiful, mysterious woman,
who sends tinkling, wind-chime chills up your spine
at her first tapping on your mind's door.
if you decide to let her in,
shafts of white light will open your mind,
clearing away the cobwebs of previous perceptions;
offering you the fresh, clear dawn of intuitive realization,
as she comes gliding into you consciousness
and enters the rooms of your soul.
she is a forceful yet gentle woman, demanding your attention;
singing the truth to you
in melodies you have never heard before.
she is dressed in the colors of her message -
hot coral with intensity;
cool Mediterranean blue with determination -
finally the lily white gown of truth.
you must listen.
you must open your heart and soul to her,
or she will arrive again and again
with louder knocking and brighter, deeper colors
until you cannot deny her brilliant entrance.
listen willingly to her once,
hear her wisdom;
she will return faithfully every time you need her.

4. misty volleyball nights.
sometimes i LOVE the san francisco fog. it wouldn't be the same without it.
5. adoration.
what a nice feeling.
adore: (verb)
-to regard with the utmost esteem, love, and respect; honor.
-to pay divine honor to; worship
-to like or admire very much

june 6th & 7th

Sunday, June 7, 2009

1. housewarming parties.
yet another excuse to have a get-together. i like this excuse the best. it comes with new beginnings. what a success! i hope everyone had fun:)
2. sunday morning walks.
when i envision my future, it includes a weekend morning walk with one of my best friends. just a little catch up on the week and other life events. i'm so thankful i got to walk with dez this morning. sunshine, breeze, golden gate bridge, coffee. so great.
3. roomies.
it's so funny to me that just nearly a year ago i didn't know these girls. now they are near and dear to my heart. i'm thankful for them and for the memories we're making in these formative years.

4. sephora.
a beauty haven. love this place.
5. spur of the moment lunches with ryan.
he comforts me. i'm glad to have him as a friend.
6. san francisco festival season.
the best time of year...

june 5th

Thursday, June 4, 2009

1. inspiring quotes.
"honey if i cared what every bitch in new york thought about me, i'd never leave the house." -sex and the city
sent to me hours later...completely sums up the point you were trying to make earlier.
i'm going to try a harder to live by this a little more:)
2. magical dates.
time of day. lighting. drive. scenery. town. meal. conversation. music. ambiance. manners. affection.
3. "gang's all here."
girlfriend love.
4. "ladies first"
it's so refreshing when even the nice garbage man lets me walk first.
5. fro yo breaks.
the best french vanilla non-fat frozen yogurt i've found as of yet!

june 3rd

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

1. hot pink peonies.
staring at me - so innocently beautiful - at my desk. i've never really thought a whole lot about these flowers, but they truly are pretty magnificient. may be one of my new faves.

2. honey bunnies.
what a great cereal. so glad i bought them last minute on an impulse buy.
3. claire chats.
i love the kind of friends that you just connect with on a deeper level. you don't physically see them as much as you would like to, but the conversations you do have are always just right on. i look up to claire. the way she lives her life and her great strength inspires me. today she said something that made me think. topic: relationships. (i wish i had copy and pasted the exact line, but i'll do my best to recapture it). something along the lines of love and what a special gift it can be to find someone who realizes the potential of how amazing a relationship and being in love and having love with someone can be.
one of the greatest gifts in life, i think.
4. www.google.com
my life saver. must visit it 20 times a day.
5. buy 10 salads get your 11th one free.
yeah punch cards! this made my day :)

june 1st & 2nd

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

here we go, june! my how quickly you crept up on us. i love june.

1. runs.
in the misty fog hanging thick over the golden gate. i haven't run outside in a while and while i was in the act i kept thinking about how grateful i was to be able to have two healthy legs and feet to keep me going. i feel like nothing can stop me when i'm running. it's so comforting to know that no matter how bad a day i may have, a run can take it all away and make things better.
2. monday night visitors.
who come baring gifts. generosity is one of the most beautiful things in this world. us girls are lucky.
3. slow dancing.
totally under-rated and something i'd like to partake in much more. makes me think of my favorite john mayer song of all time: slow dancing in a burning room.

i was the one you always dreamed of,
you were the one i tried to draw.
how dare you say it's nothing to me?
baby, you're the only light i ever saw.

4. walks to rj's with laur.
i know i've mentioned something along these lines before, but i can't go without saying how much these little outings help me. especially today. she is one of the most judgement-free friends i've ever known. i'm so thankful for you.
5. cloud 9.
i got a little taste of what this was like today. it's "tingly", let me tell you. these moments come few and far between and i was overwhelmed with how special i felt. almost as if i was in a dream.
6. surprise cards in the mail.
on the outside a picture of two girls whispering in each other's ears. sisters, perhaps. maybe best friends. one in the same, really. inside it reads: "i can't imagine a time when i won't have a million things to tell you."
so true, ame. i love your life. i love living vicariously through you. i love that i've inspired you. thank you.

may 30th & 31st

1. finding joy in the fog.
the one downfall of san francisco is this gloom. i want to challenge myself to really not let it get me down, though. i remember genuinely thinking i used to suffer from SAD (seasonal affective disorder) the moment i learned about it in psychology. so today was exhibit a on how we didn't let the bad weather keep us indoors. instead we cruised the neighborhood and accomplished a lot. i challenge you to do the same!
2. getting out of my box.
big time. it's much needed.
3. walking arm in arm - one earphone in your ear, one in mine.
this makes me happy. i am where i'm supposed to be.
4. marina safeway.
i could sit here all day and watch the attractive people walk around. it really is a kick and all the rumors you hear about it, they're true. i guess it's what makes it so unique.
5. girls' mornings.
such a great feeling to have a house full of your best girlfriends recapping the night before. still slightly buzzed, giddy, and delirious. there's nothing like it.
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