june 6th & 7th

Sunday, June 7, 2009

1. housewarming parties.
yet another excuse to have a get-together. i like this excuse the best. it comes with new beginnings. what a success! i hope everyone had fun:)
2. sunday morning walks.
when i envision my future, it includes a weekend morning walk with one of my best friends. just a little catch up on the week and other life events. i'm so thankful i got to walk with dez this morning. sunshine, breeze, golden gate bridge, coffee. so great.
3. roomies.
it's so funny to me that just nearly a year ago i didn't know these girls. now they are near and dear to my heart. i'm thankful for them and for the memories we're making in these formative years.

4. sephora.
a beauty haven. love this place.
5. spur of the moment lunches with ryan.
he comforts me. i'm glad to have him as a friend.
6. san francisco festival season.
the best time of year...


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