april 30th

Thursday, April 30, 2009

1. mix't greens.
i wonder how much money i've dropped here. at aftercollege it was a 3x a week thing. now, it's more like once every two months. not nearly enough. since it's been so long since my last visit, there was a whole array of new things to try on the menu. i went with a spicy thai-ish salad. yum.
2. lemonade.
so refreshing. perfectly sweet and sour.
3. ellipticals.
when i'm not in the running mood, this thing really does the trick for me, burning those cals.
4. cleanse drinks.
as i roamed real foods with my bottle of acv, the girl asked if i wanted any help. at first i hestiated and struck up conversation with her instead since she was wearing a ucsb sweatshirt. we knew mutual people tied to cal and sb. anyhow, she gave me all sorts of fun new healthy recommendations and concoctions. then, at the checkout stand she gave me her discount! i mean, how nice is that? i love random acts of kindness.
5. updated pandora.
i got a new list of artists and songs from a dear friend. i love that i can always send cm a note about what songs i'm listening to. ever since i added about 15 new artists, listening to music during the day has been an entirely new experience. i feel rejuvinated!

april 29th

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

my life is incomplete without gratitude and i don't want to miss a beat.

1. santa barbara.
the closest i ever came to living in so cal on the beach. maybe someday. i hold so many memories here. i don't want them to disappear. i miss college. maybe not in the way that other people miss it, because i can whole-heartedly say that i like myself better now than i ever did in those 4 years. i think people call them the best 4 years of your life because of how truly unique that time is compared to the rest of your years. i miss it in a way that makes me long for the daily life of a student. my schedule was so different back then. so many people i loved were merely feet away and there was no such thing as "making money" which, to me, leads to way more stress than test scores. but, i can also honestly say that i didn't embrace life as much then as i do now - hence this blog. and that's ok. it truly is why i long for santa barbara, though. i long to go back and do it all over again knowing what i know now. knowing that i have to embrace each day because it's only temporary. i was on a rocky part of my happiness journey instead of a part where the waters were calm. i am so thankful i can go back and visit. i can visit all of my old spots and just for an instant step back into that younger version of myself. i want to hug that version and let her know that everything is going to be ok.
2. road trips.
both of my drives up and down the 101 were really fun. great company with people i don't get to spend that much time with, but mean so incredibly much to me. i'm lucky.
3. perfectly toasted bagels.
i mean you have to admit, there's something about the perfect amount of toastedness with that great crispy crunch-ness.
4. daily grind.
i am at peace here. so funky. great people watching. good food.
5. low-fat raspberry oat muffins.
hands down the best muffin i've ever had. ever.
6. kelly, my hairstylist.
she embodies everything a hairstylist should strive to be. she treats hair as if it is an art form. it's such a pleasant experience sitting in her chair. thank goodness i found her. i only wish i could transport her to sf so i don't have to plan hair cuts around my trips down south. although, it is an excuse to go down there:)
7. day buzz.
something about vodka lemonades...makes you feel happy and free.
8. sisters shining bright.
i can only hope i've inspired ames to be a better person and take life by the reigns especially in santa barbara since i paved the way first. i can confidently say she's doing better than i could have imagined.
9. hotels.
specifically, the canary and the holiday inn express. for lack of a better term and one that brings a smile to my face: great sitch.
10. the ousman fam.
i really do feel like a little part of their fam and that they love me. i love them right back.

i also want to write down a moment i hope never ever to forget. it occurred last thursday morning on a jog i decided to take early in the morning. somehow i found myself slowly running against the wind along marina blvd. i decided i didn't have enough energy to make it all the way to the hands so i walked a little on the sand instead. a concrete slab about a foot and half wide crept out of the sand - what looked like the foundation of an old pier. the tiny waves collided with the base of this "once pier." the next thing i know i'm up there on this balance beam doing yoga. my own little sequence of sun salutations, listening to the ipod. just me, the bright red bridge in perfect view, warrior 1, warrior 2, triangle pose. it felt good to be alive. so good.

april 21st

Monday, April 20, 2009

1. my walk to work.
just a typical tuesday morning. coming up over the top of lombard, there's a heavenly feel.

2. spa robes.
every time i step out of the shower it's there to greet me wrapping me up and drying me off. it's like i'm at a spa each and every day.
3. the scent of fresh flowers in the springtime.
i've been meaning to write this down since the beginning of the season. you know that feeling where you're walking along minding your own business and you unexpectedly get a whiff of something sweet and delicious? my favorites right now are the cherry blossoms and the gardenia scented ones. ironically enough, today at lunch i spotted a quote written on a chalkboard that made me smile. simple white letters against the black background representing one of life's simple statements.
"the earth laughs in flowers." -emerson
never have i ever until now realized the truth in this statement.
4. sweat.
i sat in the back of yoga tonight in the hot hot heat and the sun shined through the windows directly on my mat. i laughed at myself and realized how grateful i was for a good sweat as i held runners lunge completely drenched. cleansing is oh so important and makes you feel like you're on cloud 9 afterwards. i love cloud 9.
5. dusk.
specifically the dusk that includes pink clouds. my mom always told me pink clouds mean good luck. this is my favorite time of day:)

this picture is kind of silly, but you get the idea of how this bright orange just magically appears at about 8pm. magic.

april 20th

happy birthday to my little mar. you're all grown up.

1. monday morning recaps.
there is nothing i love more than updating stace on the weekend events. sittin' on a bench outside of starbucks in the sun sippin' our iced lattes :)
2. morning runs.
i decided to be ambitious this morning. something i've tried to do every morning since the big move...run to the hoopers hands. a perfect 3.2 miles from my house making it a 6.4 mile roundtrip. challenging! today was breathtakingly beautiful. that red bridge against the bright blue sky in the early morning sunlight. i've never felt so lucky. each stride was full of gratitude.
3. meet bruce and roxy.
this sweet little succulent was $4.29 at trader joes. he looked at me so desperately wanting a home. don't worry bruce, i'll keep you safe and happy. it's you and me at work alllll day long:)

that's his girlfriend, roxy. she's pretty rad and dolled up with her hot pink bow.
if you'd like to brush up on your succulent facts: http://www.succulent-plant.com/
4. the hair scrunch.
when i'm in no mood to put time into my hair the scrunch never fails me. wait, that's not true. sometimes it turns out terribly. but not today. even though i used to hate it the awkward teen years, thank you for blessing me with both curl-able and straight-able hair.
5. alone time.
is so necessary. i thrive.

april 19th

1. happiness.
i'm so consumed with happiness i'm almost afraid to tell the universe in fear that someone or something might take it away. as happiness hasn't always come incredibly easy to me i feel like i value it and put such importance on it that when it's here i want to wrap my arms around it and squeeze it so tight and never let it go. i love when it so nicely hugs me back - wraps me in that big bear hug and reassures me that this is the point of life: happiness. finding joy in what you do. letting love in. appreciating every moment.
"you know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams." -dr. suess
this so eloquently describes my love affair with life.
2. ACV drinks.
secret concoctions that promise balanced ph levels, clear skin, and a total body healing.
3. meg.
we have these moments where we are just so aligned in our thoughts that it amazes me.
4. anthropologie.
just treated myself to a few new items. i love this store. the window designs are SO creative and their dresses are so fun. i always luck out in there. i got this lavendar flowy baby doll shirt that i'm kind of in love with.
5. the bus.
i seriously love the bus. weirdly obsessed with taking it everywhere. so efficient. it's like a game to map out the route and avoid cabs at all costs.
6. perfect weather.
sunshine in san francisco is heaven on earth. if it was like this everyday i think the entire population would live here. i'm picturing a map of north america leaning slightly to the left as it's weighted down with all of the people who have caught on to how wonderful this place is.
7. tank tops at night.
9pm on a sunday night just out for a stroll.
8. parks.
specifically the fort mason grass. a blanket on a sunday afternoon half in the sun half in the shade with people you love.
9. $20 mani-pedis.
i mean does it get much better than this? massage included!
10. the boys.
i never leave hanging out with them without a smile on my face. it's exhausting to keep up with their lingo, but they are such true, genuine boys and i love them for it. i'm so thankful they can come up to sf for the weekend.
11. dinner club.
there's nothing like cooking for a small little group on a sunday night. the whole process of finding a recipe and going to the store to pick up ingredients and chopping up the veggies and sitting around the table. pretty great.
12. margo and andrea.
they make me smile...and give me such comfort...

april 16th

Thursday, April 16, 2009

1. my yoga mat.
it's been with me since the beginning of time. aka the start of my yoga journey. one side is hot pink and the other is lavender. i usually go with the hot pink side. it's very inspiring during my practice.
2. the lions.
they really add character to the apartment - standing proud and protective outside.
3. going out on a limb.
today i sent a note of gratification to the "higher up." i got such great response. lesson learned: share praise. let the person know the compliment someone else has given them. pay it forward.
4. happy evenings.
for some reason i was so darn happy tonight. i loved everything i was doing. getting off work early, walking home, yoga, relaxing, cooking dinner while listening to music, hanging with meg, trying new concoctions, painting nails, interneting. it just felt so copacetic. i'm so thankful to feel happy with my self and my life routine.
5. you tube.
it's genius. you can literally type in anything and it will magically appear. this one made me smile.

april 15th

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

1. my new pink planner.
this thing is fabulous. monthly/weekly 2009. it's workin' for me..
2. heather b. armstrong, it sucked and then i cried.

just looking at the cover makes me giggle. great bus read. makes me absolutely terrified to ever be pregnant, but in a good and endearing way. her blog in book form - couldn't get much better.
3. cute couples.
today on the walk home on the same corner were two couples very much in l-o-v-e. one was off the curb on the edge of the busy street forehead to forehead eyes locked on each other. no regard for anything else around them even though they were at a busy intersection. the second was right behind them sitting on those newspaper machines (is there a word for those coin machines?) just playing the guitar. concentrating on the strings and each other only. thank you for making me stop and observe. witnessing love is so important.
4. van morrison savasana.
"i want to rock your gypsy soullllll"
(great line).
"and when that fog horn blows..."
something about the part about the fog horn and laying there on the floor of lulu in san francisco (the city of fog horns)...i don't know my life just kind of clicked into place. i had the feeling that everything was as it should be. i was exactly where i wanted to be.
5. retainers.

if you can see this lovely photo it's me holding up my blue sparkly retainer. been with me since 7th grade. it's a real beauty. i just love this moment. in the robe...at midnight...no makeup...freshly brushed teeth...hair out of control...ichatting with ame... peeing our pants from laughing so hard. great wednesday night.

april 14th

Monday, April 13, 2009

oh sweet little blog, how i miss you.

here goes another long post as i've been slightly out of sorts lately. i should really follow my own advice: to be thankful even when things are rough. what's the saying? "when the going gets tough, the tough get going." well, practice what you preach. if i've learned one thing in life it's that sometimes we can be our own worst enemies. i can honestly say my life has been completely incomplete without this blog. something's not quite right. lots of change lately, and whereas i know change is good and healthy, it's hard. between the move, a job i want so badly to be good at, a horrid hangover, and a severe allergic reaction that left me in bed all of easter with an awful case of hives, aches, and a fever (yes, tmi), i just haven't been the bright shining self i'd like to be.
nonetheless, things could be worse, a lot worse. finally i'm feeling back to normal.

1. half days.
never could an impromptu half day have fallen on a better friday. good friday. rough morning to say the least. i walked up vallejo street and sat for about 10 minutes taking in the view. i really stopped from nausea and the view just happened to be there. loved the dead silence of the moment.

i meandered into st. peter and paul's cathedral. lots of catholic commotion with it being good friday and all. i wish i was a better catholic and actually knew the exact sequence of events in the bible on this day. instead i just vaguely know. anyhow, i sat in that church full of families, the elderly, and a few nuns waiting for mass to start for a good twenty minutes. i prayed. i prayed for pretty much everyone i know. it felt so darn good.
2. the new hood.
i don't know if i'll ever stop being thankful for this for all the days, months, and even years i'm going to be living here. but, since it's all still new to me i'm going to be consciously thankful for it. love walking and exploring and being part of it all.
3. molls is in town.
it's so great to see her happy. like really genuinely happy and confident and optimistic.
4. soda.
nope, i'm not a soda drinker. but, i can honestly say there have been two key moments in this past week where soda has never tasted so good. a diet coke on friday night was kind of a lifesaver - that carbonation and tiny bit of caffeine really pushed me over that edge to actually feel better. and the other, a diet rootbeer. so tasty and calorie free. my favorite treat this weekend.
5. movie after movie after movie days.
recovering...and taking a sick day.
pretty woman, ratatouille, what happens in vegas, where the heart is, knocked up, 27 dresses :)
6. wind.
two key moments stand out recently where i've loved the wind. (well three, but i've already documented that one and it has to do with standing over the pacific ocean and the wind whipping passed me so hard my eyes watered with tears). one was sitting on a bench overlooking the bay watching the sailboats. without the wind there would be no sailboats and they are pretty fascinating. two was today on a lunch walk. yes, i was freezing, but there's something so purifying and cleansing about the wind. so free.
7. dinner "parties."
not much of a party, more of an excuse to make a new recipe and drink wine. i'd like to do this once a week, please. thank you.
8. house warming gifts.
i wonder who invented these. i love the mini yellow daisies sitting proud and pretty on her granite countertop.
9. lyon street steps.
i remember coming here my first week living in the city on a run. now a whole year has gone by. still love the vibe of this little street. no matter the time of day there are always fellow exercisers and boot campers. and that view...that view is stunning. makes the climb well worth it.
10. tostada salad.
the best one i've ever found: blue barn. i get it every time.

april 7th

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

1. giants games.
i live in a city that the giants represent. that hit me today. i'm thankful we have our own team and that i got to experience opening day.
2. pseudo mothers.
we all have them. today trace showered me with hugs and kisses and offered me jackets and scarves and asked if everything was ok in my life and held my hands to warm them up. she just has so much love. she embodies motherhood at its finest. so glad to see her.
3. tea time.
right before bed.
4. my new mini bathroom.
this thing is precious. you've got to see it to believe it.
5. itunes.
i get giddy just thinking of all the music out there for me to download. it's a never-ending cycle and i love it.

april 6th

Friday, April 3, 2009

i've been on a bit of a blogging hiatus. i hate to admit it, but it was bound to happen sooner or later. my life didn't feel 100% complete without being able to document my little gratitudes. i still thought about it, though. my connection to the internet was minimal. this entry is dedicated to the past weekend and what has been going on in my life. recapping the positive.

1. moving.
oh-so-stressful, but so incredibly necessary. so cleansing.
2. greenwich street.
my new happy place.
3. neighborhoods.
i have one now! i can step out my front door and go for a WALK. this.makes.my.life. not joking at ALL.
4. bush street memories.

dear first apartment out of college,
you treated me well. i learned lots of good lessons in you. thank you for the high ceilings, the winding staircase, the crystal chandelier, and for supporting me in my independence. i will never forget you. ever.
xoxo, gm
5. internet in my room.
simply divine sitting here in my bed typing. i've dreamed of this ever since i started bloggng.
6. centered beds.
this is the first time in my life (unless you count my twin bed in kindergarden that i only remember actually being in the middle of my room because of the home videos) that the bed has ever been in the center of the room. i can hop out on the left OR the right. depends on how i feel in the morning. is it a left day or a right day? this will be a fun game.
7. mom and dad.
the dynamic duo. they couldn't be more loving and caring and willing to help me feel set up and at home.
8. mom's interior decorating skills.
i learned some fun facts this weekend. a). every flower arrangement needs to have a yellow flower in there. b). candles have specific names, for instance, the long skinny ones are called tapers. thanks mom.
9. half birthdays.
just an excuse to say "it's my half birthday!" and i really like the day april 5th. i'd take my birthday on this day as well.
10. video chat.
my life feels that much more complete when i can see the people i miss and love.

april 2nd

Thursday, April 2, 2009

1. adventures.

mountain view. cal train. dooce. gossip mags. sushi. sorbet. dollar coins. cinnamon gum. running to catch public transport. very unforgettable evening...
2. sipping wine with a straw.
mini bottles of sutter homes cabernet.
3. ice water.
in the brita filter for good nalgene with a straw, of course.
4. kashi.
"we love real natural goods and all the nutrition nature puts in them. that's why we start with fresh ingredients and cook them like you would. it's all natural and all kashi, now for lunch and dinner. you'll feel good long after your last bite."
food that makes you feel good. smart. love this stuff.
5. http://fiftypeopleonequestion.com/locations/3-brooklyn-ny
whenever i'm feeling a little blue, this never fails to make me teary-eyed and put everything into perspective.
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