april 30th

Thursday, April 30, 2009

1. mix't greens.
i wonder how much money i've dropped here. at aftercollege it was a 3x a week thing. now, it's more like once every two months. not nearly enough. since it's been so long since my last visit, there was a whole array of new things to try on the menu. i went with a spicy thai-ish salad. yum.
2. lemonade.
so refreshing. perfectly sweet and sour.
3. ellipticals.
when i'm not in the running mood, this thing really does the trick for me, burning those cals.
4. cleanse drinks.
as i roamed real foods with my bottle of acv, the girl asked if i wanted any help. at first i hestiated and struck up conversation with her instead since she was wearing a ucsb sweatshirt. we knew mutual people tied to cal and sb. anyhow, she gave me all sorts of fun new healthy recommendations and concoctions. then, at the checkout stand she gave me her discount! i mean, how nice is that? i love random acts of kindness.
5. updated pandora.
i got a new list of artists and songs from a dear friend. i love that i can always send cm a note about what songs i'm listening to. ever since i added about 15 new artists, listening to music during the day has been an entirely new experience. i feel rejuvinated!


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