april 19th

Monday, April 20, 2009

1. happiness.
i'm so consumed with happiness i'm almost afraid to tell the universe in fear that someone or something might take it away. as happiness hasn't always come incredibly easy to me i feel like i value it and put such importance on it that when it's here i want to wrap my arms around it and squeeze it so tight and never let it go. i love when it so nicely hugs me back - wraps me in that big bear hug and reassures me that this is the point of life: happiness. finding joy in what you do. letting love in. appreciating every moment.
"you know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams." -dr. suess
this so eloquently describes my love affair with life.
2. ACV drinks.
secret concoctions that promise balanced ph levels, clear skin, and a total body healing.
3. meg.
we have these moments where we are just so aligned in our thoughts that it amazes me.
4. anthropologie.
just treated myself to a few new items. i love this store. the window designs are SO creative and their dresses are so fun. i always luck out in there. i got this lavendar flowy baby doll shirt that i'm kind of in love with.
5. the bus.
i seriously love the bus. weirdly obsessed with taking it everywhere. so efficient. it's like a game to map out the route and avoid cabs at all costs.
6. perfect weather.
sunshine in san francisco is heaven on earth. if it was like this everyday i think the entire population would live here. i'm picturing a map of north america leaning slightly to the left as it's weighted down with all of the people who have caught on to how wonderful this place is.
7. tank tops at night.
9pm on a sunday night just out for a stroll.
8. parks.
specifically the fort mason grass. a blanket on a sunday afternoon half in the sun half in the shade with people you love.
9. $20 mani-pedis.
i mean does it get much better than this? massage included!
10. the boys.
i never leave hanging out with them without a smile on my face. it's exhausting to keep up with their lingo, but they are such true, genuine boys and i love them for it. i'm so thankful they can come up to sf for the weekend.
11. dinner club.
there's nothing like cooking for a small little group on a sunday night. the whole process of finding a recipe and going to the store to pick up ingredients and chopping up the veggies and sitting around the table. pretty great.
12. margo and andrea.
they make me smile...and give me such comfort...


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