april 15th

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

1. my new pink planner.
this thing is fabulous. monthly/weekly 2009. it's workin' for me..
2. heather b. armstrong, it sucked and then i cried.

just looking at the cover makes me giggle. great bus read. makes me absolutely terrified to ever be pregnant, but in a good and endearing way. her blog in book form - couldn't get much better.
3. cute couples.
today on the walk home on the same corner were two couples very much in l-o-v-e. one was off the curb on the edge of the busy street forehead to forehead eyes locked on each other. no regard for anything else around them even though they were at a busy intersection. the second was right behind them sitting on those newspaper machines (is there a word for those coin machines?) just playing the guitar. concentrating on the strings and each other only. thank you for making me stop and observe. witnessing love is so important.
4. van morrison savasana.
"i want to rock your gypsy soullllll"
(great line).
"and when that fog horn blows..."
something about the part about the fog horn and laying there on the floor of lulu in san francisco (the city of fog horns)...i don't know my life just kind of clicked into place. i had the feeling that everything was as it should be. i was exactly where i wanted to be.
5. retainers.

if you can see this lovely photo it's me holding up my blue sparkly retainer. been with me since 7th grade. it's a real beauty. i just love this moment. in the robe...at midnight...no makeup...freshly brushed teeth...hair out of control...ichatting with ame... peeing our pants from laughing so hard. great wednesday night.


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