april 2nd

Thursday, April 2, 2009

1. adventures.

mountain view. cal train. dooce. gossip mags. sushi. sorbet. dollar coins. cinnamon gum. running to catch public transport. very unforgettable evening...
2. sipping wine with a straw.
mini bottles of sutter homes cabernet.
3. ice water.
in the brita filter for good nalgene with a straw, of course.
4. kashi.
"we love real natural goods and all the nutrition nature puts in them. that's why we start with fresh ingredients and cook them like you would. it's all natural and all kashi, now for lunch and dinner. you'll feel good long after your last bite."
food that makes you feel good. smart. love this stuff.
5. http://fiftypeopleonequestion.com/locations/3-brooklyn-ny
whenever i'm feeling a little blue, this never fails to make me teary-eyed and put everything into perspective.


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