on moving to new york.

Monday, December 31, 2012

so i am learning that there are several things people say to you when you tell them you are moving to new york, aside from asking you all about your new job, of course {and god forbid one moves to new york without a job!}.

so, in case you find yourself in this very same situation, i wanted you to feel prepared. in a very particular order, this is what happens...

when are you moving?

where are you going to live?

what do your parents say?

well, you can always come back. 

hope you loves are having the best new years eve's! cheers to a wonderful twenty twelve and an even better twenty thirteen full of so many sweet surprises.

ps. thanks, santa, for the stocking stuffer!

incandescently happy.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

one of my very favorite movies of all time is pride & prejudice and i am thankful that this christmas eve it was the movie of choice. i could watch it over and over and catch a new line that's so easily missed in those old english accents. the humor is subtle yet witty, and i don't want to miss a beat. i find myself paying extra close attention, completely fascinated with the beauty of proper english and can't help but think how we've debauched it.

there are several moments in this movie that i think to be the greatest of all time. one is when mr. darcy's hand trembles after he helps elizabeth into the carriage. another is when they meet in the field and finally the moment she admits to her father that she is in love with him. i am a sucker for raw, vulnerable true love accompanied with big words.

i think my favorite scene of all time is the dialogue at the end when mr. darcy and elizabeth are finally married.

mr. darcy: how are you this evening, my dear?
elizabeth bennet: very well. only i wish you would not call me "my dear".
mr. d: why?
e.b.: because it's what my father always called my mother when he's cross about something.
mr. d: what endearments am i allowed?
e.b.: well let me think…"lizzy" for everyday, "my pearl" for sundays, and…"goddess divine", but only on very special occasions.
mr. d: {chuckles} and...what should i call you when i'm cross? "mrs. darcy"?
e.b.: {smiling} no! no. you may only call me "mrs. darcy"... when you are completely, perfectly, and incandescently happy.
mr. d: {chuckles} how are you this evening... mrs. darcy? {kisses her forehead}
mr. d: mrs. darcy {kisses her left cheek}
mr. d: mrs. darcy {kisses her nose}
mr. d: mrs. darcy {kisses her right cheek}
mr. d: mrs. darcy {they kiss}

swoon! we all know i go weak in the knees for terms of endearment. if you want to watch the end scene for yourself and fall in love a little bit, you can check it out here. may we all find the love we are looking for, and may it is inspired by an old-fashioned, classic romance.

i thought i'd never run again.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

on the morning of october fifteenth i sobbed in a pair of open arms, convinced i'd never be able to take another step again without life-altering pain. all i knew is that i wanted it so badly to go away, but was completely hopeless that it ever would. in that moment and in the months to follow, running again seemed completely impossible and out of the question.

then on december twenty fourth i was able to put one in front of the other and i don't mean at a slow walking pace, ladies and gents, it was a full on {minimally painful} JOG {a slow, mindful one}!

we have a christmas miracle on our hands! 

these past several months have been an incredible learning experience. mostly i learned to slow down and to take care of myself. after an mri revealed on november thirtieth that i have a stress fracture in my sacrum i was seven weeks into the three month healing process. and, i couldn't help but look at the symbolism that i cracked the root of my body while basically on the brink of uprooting myself to a new city. life is funny that way {louise haye gets it}.

anyhow, this christmas i am so grateful for two healthy legs who still got me around while i healed. and although i'm not done with the healing process or tests that may get to the bottom of what caused this injury, i know that my body will continue to put itself back together. and for this, i am truly grateful.

oh christmas tree, oh christmas tree.

Monday, December 24, 2012

so, remember my whole thing on creating traditions? well, i must admit, i am slipping when it comes to christmas this year. especially compared to last december {oh i was so proud of my very first tree!} 

we all know i do a mean valentine's day. and i was on a roll for fall - the most glorious time of year. between my birthday, halloween, and even thanksgiving, there was a constant stream of décor and pumpkin-scented candles.

once december rolled around and the busyness of the holidays kicked in, i lost my decorating streak, but i had to create a small christmas tradition at the very least. {we don't want any scrooges running around this joint!}

meet joy. she sits on the entry-way table upon entering my pad and i got her at none other than trader joes. four london-themed ornaments hang on her surprisingly strong, healthy branches {a passport, telephone booth, taxi cab, and double-decker bus if you can spy them}. i smile every time i see her and am reminded of my amazing time in london. a big thank you for this sweet hostess gift!

i hope your humble abodes are more festive than mine this year, sweets. and i sincerely hope you are honoring those sacred christmas traditions of yours like gingerbread houses and new jammies and the annual viewing of a christmas story. my family seems to be breaking a few this year, like crab on christmas eve and lights strung on the house. but, for some reason it feels okay. i think sometimes we need to start fresh. to start over, really, and embrace the non-conventional. i am learning that the important ones stay true no matter what, like santa's visit and stockings and unconditionally loving each other a little more than usual.

wishing you a very merry christmas full of love and good cheer.

ps. for a sweet post on traditions and a reminder that there are thousands to create on your own read here. all i know is the older i get the more i put into my bag of traditions for a future family of my very own.


Friday, December 21, 2012

happy rainy friday, ya'll. just a fun little sparkle to share with you today. while perusing walgreens yesterday {a common lunchtime activity} i decided to test out sally hansen nail polish strips. naturally, multicolored sparkles were the only ones that caught my eye. i was feeling quite festive. after all, 'tis the season.

...and voila!

here are a few tips in case you decide to try:

  • starting with the thumbs is fine even though it advises not to, i thought it was easier that way
  • i would stay away from the intricate patterns as a color choice because the strips stretch out really easily while applying
  • definitely paint a clear coat over when you finish {my favorite is seche vite - dries in 60 seconds!}
i hope you find some sparkle in your friday and happy weekend! xoxo

*pic: my nails in color - frock star

bucket lists volume i

Thursday, December 20, 2012

in light of some big news happening in this neck of the woods, i decided to make an sf bucket list.

here are some initial items jotted in the 'ol iphone notepad {why haven't i caught on to evernote yet?}. some are repeats, some are never been done. many more to be added i'm certain of it.

ride a party trolley with all of the bests i've ever had in san francisco {might need more than one!}
a proper day in the wine country
steal a kiss on the golden gate bridge
the alcatraz night tour
a picture perfect picnic in front of the painted ladies in alamo square
long overdue slumber parties with a few besties and the littles

dine about town.
a cozy night at tony's pizza
saturday afternoon high tea at love joy
martini's and dinner at bix
speakeasy style at bourbon & branch

help me cross them off, will you? and until then, to be continued...

*pic: one of my very favorite weekends in san francisco circa 2009 

big news.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

so i'm moving to new york.

wait, what? excuse me?

yes, my sweets, it's true. i'm making the big jump to nyc. a move my scared-to-go-away-from-home younger self never thought i could do.

i think if you and i have been acquainted for a while now, this may come as absolutely no surprise to you. i began questioning my long-term relationship with san francisco a few months ago. see, there's nothing wrong with us. we're content. we're comfy. we get along great, san francisco and i. we get each other. but, i have this deeply inherent feeling that there's something else out there. somewhere else suited for who i am at this present moment. not a place that is necessarily better, just new and different and challenging. we all need a good challenging change every now and then, wouldn't you agree? especially when things get a bit stagnant.

california has always been my home… my one true love… everything i know. moraga is filled with blissful childhood memories, santa barbara is filled with the very first tastes of true independence, and san francisco is filled with a pretty darn beautiful coming of age story i've written here on it's all happening. a story of growth in which i would not re-write one.single.word.

twenty twelve quickly became the year of trying out new places to live. as i visited new york, san diego, austin, and london i went in with every intention of seeing if i could actually live there. could i crawl in and get comfy and stay a while? and, all i learned is that yes, i could in fact live here. i can find happiness anywhere.

so the story goes that in early august i got put onto an advisory board for the women's lifestyle team at aol. a relatively new team that is responsible for the success of five female-focused platforms {stylelist, kitchendaily, homesessive, makers {also here}, and stylemepretty - yes you heard that right. my favorite wedding blog!} under the aol umbrella and a team full of really rad women. and then the queen of rad in charge of this feat came to the san francisco office and my jaw hit the floor as i experienced this stuff live and i thought to myself, i need to be on this team immediately. these rad gals {and guys!}, see, they speak my language. as a blogger and consumer of thousands of blogs, i belong in this space. my brain is full to the brim with ideas that are going to make these platforms do great because they have oh-so-much potential.

so one thing leads to another and i learned how good people can be. like how inherently good people are. and how for some reason they've invested in me and my future and want to see me succeed. how did i ever get so lucky? the head of aol on the west coast is infamous for saying that we must all form our own personal board of directors. well somehow in my short year and a half at this company, i had more board members than i thought. more people advocating for me than i ever thought possible. so off i go to join this dream team of mine. a role that is completely in line with my passions and my strengths and exactly where i envisioned my career heading, but at the same time where i never thought it could possibly go.

so to conclude this long-winded story, i was running out of my apartment the other day and stopped dead in my tracks to read my crayon artwork goal sheet i have hanging on one of my many bulletin boards. well it turns out that the sun directly above my head reads "live in another city at some point - nyc, san diego, sb to pursue school or other career" my twenty two year old self, she knew what she wanted. and now my twenty seven year old self, she's finally believing that it can come true.

then i got to thinking about the power of the universe. you know how they say when you put it out there, it will come back to you. ask and you shall receive. if that's not living proof of trusting that the things we put out in the universe will come true, i don't know what is. and i'm not just talking about the little things, but the big things. the important things. like adventures and careers and falling in love and creating families. it can happen, it can all happen. put it out there in that universe. and give it everything you've got.

so, thanks for listening. many more thoughts on this BIG news to come. like things i'm afraid of and people i'm going to miss so much it pulls so so tight on my heartstrings. for now, though, i'm so thankful nyc gets to be apart of my story, and i can't wait to write to you.

*pics: nyc | sf

most friendly.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

so one time in eighth grade i won best hair. and then in twelfth grade i won best dressed. and then just the other day when i thought there was no such thing as superlatives as an adult, i won most friendly. and, can i tell you it was the best most i've ever received. thank you, sweet co-workers. being recognized for kind energy put out into the universe means more than a good hair day or a perfectly styled outfit ever could.

this most friendly got me thinking about one of my favorite quotes of all time and one i certainly try to live by. i believe it's said by ms. angelou herself.
people won't always remember what you said. people won't always remember what you did. but people will always remember how you made them feel.
this is exactly why being friendly is so important to me. let's try to make each other feel loved, shall we? because giving love to others only makes us more open to receiving it right back.

this mini award made me realize that i'm in the right place, surrounded by the most wonderful people at aol. see, being friendly is a two way street. after all, it takes a friend to be a friend. so thank you for being so easy to be friends with. love love, me.

happy holidays.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

i must admit, i get more annoyed than i should this time of year when mom tries to pick out the christmas card. i get the annual text, email, and call: we're going to try and take our christmas picture this weekend! same routine. every year. without fail. i should be more on board and incredibly grateful to have three beautiful people to call my unconditionally loving family. and i am! i truly am. i mean, look at these gems.

where did the blond hair come from? i bet you want to know. same here.

i am so honored this year's photo got to be taken at my digs. with the view! that i'll treasure forever and ever. just the four of us hanging on for dear life squeezed on the fire escape. i am so blessed.

happy holidays! love, the martini's.

gone girl.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

anyone else hooked? i'm on the edge of my seat...

the last time i read a mystery was babysitters club, stacey and the missing ring. oh, please tell me you read it too. i miss the days of stoneybrook, connecticut and living vicariously through kristy, mary anne, claudia, and stacey {i always wanted to be stacey when we made up fake names for ourselves!}. you can revisit your childhood here if you like. i was just momentarily transported back to the fourth grade.


*picture via.


Monday, December 10, 2012

i've always wanted to do a fresh juice cleanse. the summer after i graduated college i did a cleanse called isagenix and, honestly, it was awful. out of the nine-day total program, there are four juice only days that are nothing short of disgusting. apparently this said juice is vitamin-packed, but honestly it tastes like artificial sugar water to me.

anyhow, it's time for the real deal. meet the thrive cleanse. i'd heard a bit of buzz about this particular one so i thought i'd give it a whirl...

it's only day one, but so far so good. the juices are unpasteurized, organic, cold-pressed and delicious! and they are delivered right to your door. i mean, who's not a stickler for such convenience!?

my favorite part is the positive mantras on each juice. i have to share...

green dream
your balanced energy provides a sense of calmnes to those around you. you are energized when giving back to others as it enriches your soul.
the role of peacemaker not only comes easy but is fulfilling.

your highly imaginative energy is magnetic! your sense of humor is fueled by your bright ming and spontaneous nature.

you are inspirational and in touch with your surroundings. people love to be around you because you make them feel important.

{no affirmation - this seems to the fresh lemon and cayenne pepper concoction} 

tropical greens
you are highly imaginative, fueled by your bright mine, sense of humor and spontaneous nature. but beware, you tend to shun responsibility for fun, which isn't always a bad thing. so drink up and be you.

cozy cashew
your strong sense of values will allow you to change the world. both admired and loved as a friend, you must learn to embrace both yourself and your accomplishments.

i can just imagine the two gals who created this cleanse writing these positive affirmations in their journals and then putting them on their bottles... something i would do! 

happy cleansing! 

ps. remember when i did this


Saturday, December 8, 2012

so, the other day i had to finally cave and google #ootd. i swore to myself i'd figure it out on my own, but too much time passed for me to still be in the dark about this recurring hashtag {since we live in a hashtag universe, now don't we?}.

well, dolls, if you needed a little help like i did cracking this acronym, it stands for outfit of the day. thank you, atlantic-pacific, pink peonies, and sterling style for teaching me the ropes of a fashion blogger.

i decided to take a stab at it myself today. and while i am not up to par to the greats, and this isn't necessarily a fashion or style blog, i thought, well, why not? i did like what i styled this afternoon {and i did win best dressed in high school, after all. i miss those days of matching socks and, apparently, much better style}.

here goes... shirt: chambré from urban outfitters. vest: ann taylor loft {of all places!}. belt: gap. pants: DL1961 skinnies in merlot. shoes: sam edelman.

... and there you have it. thanks for letting me have a little fun!

thank you, photographer. photo taken after a lovely saturday brunch at one of my new favorite sf spots: source cafe and prior to crazy holiday union square shopping adventures.


Friday, December 7, 2012

her life really was an open book. blank pages ready to be filled with adventures and read aloud to the world.
use your best words she thought to herself. the kind that leave people never wanting to put you down.

happy weekend, lovlies. may it be filled with beautiful words on those blank pages of yours. xo.

*photo: art installation on columbus and broadway, san francisco, ca -  my instagram.


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

so last night i attended a cooking class and i swear the instructor could have been involved with the kinfolk crew. naturally, i mentioned kinfolk magazine and she knew just the one!

i realized i've been meaning to post about kinfolk for years and have yet to find the chance. well, darlings, with a little cooking class inspiration, today is the day.

i remember stumbling upon this video one slow afternoon a couple years ago and being completely captivated.

kinfolk magazine is an inspirational space for small gatherings and their belief is that eating together is a sacred act meant to be enjoyed.

get entranced by their promo videos for their magazine. breakfast for two is a favorite of mine... lovers, scones, coffee, sunrise, airplanes. i am completely entranced and want to be in that moment.

just right.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

this weekend was positively perfect. do you ever have one of those? completely unplanned. every move in the direction that feels just right. well, just right for me started with an acupuncture appointment that helped kick a cold to the curb {more on my feelings on acupuncture at a later date} followed by a cozy, rainy night in and ten hours of sleep. the next two days of just right were filled with...

getting to spend much needed quality time with some of my bests.

a first-time experience at craftsman & wolves in the mish {a must-go!}.

cost plus holiday décor inspiration.

a leisurely whole foods run.

curled up with a brand new book in my reading nook while being devoured by rain.

another night in with a bff, kale salad, and some wedding mags.

my first yoga class in ten days.

a mani pedi date.

energy work.

a sunday night iloveyoulikefamily friends dinner.

weekends like these are my most favorite of all. and saturdays, oh, nothing beats the feeling of a saturday afternoon at your fingertips. i am oh-so-grateful for weekends like these.

*photo on my pin board.
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