Sunday, November 13, 2011

it's time for an honorary, dedicated post. oh how i love these. words about my most beautiful well-deserving friends.

have you met my friend minnie?

yes, that's her name. and coincidentally she is also tiny in physique. it's so symbolic.

we go wayyyy back to the lulu days. you may know that she is an excellent gift giver, cd-mix-maker, and card surpriser. she loves celebrating life and has a knack for finding inspiration. she's also one of the tribal beauties.

oh, she's one of a kind, this girl.

minnie wants the absolute best for me.

it's as simple and as easy as that. the older i get, the more i see how incredibly rare and unique it is to find this quality in others. she is the most unselfish person i've ever met. ever.

she genuinely wants her bestest friends to have all the love and happiness in the world. you can feel it in every ounce of her being. in every word. in every action.

when i search her email address in my inbox, eighty emails appear in the history of our gmail communication. i'd say that seventy five of those notes are her just dropping me a line... hey geans, you'll love this: ______. hope you're having a great day! fill in that blank with inspirational quotes, thoughts, wisdom, videos, pictures, recipes, and more. she just wants to spread a little joy right on over to me.

i hope she knows how much those inbox treats mean to me. how comforting it is to have friends who know you so well.

she's so filled up to the brim with love and happiness that it overflows onto others. isn't that the best thing in the whole wide world to be known for?

see, i told you she's one of a kind.

someday we're going to take our coffee-yoga-running-veggie-wine-free-spirit-loving-selves and adventure around the world.

you just wait.

{you may say i'm a dreamer, one of her all time favorite pics}.


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