good people find each other.

Monday, November 21, 2011

we drove home from a quick, delicious sushi dinner at one of our all time favorite spots. we hadn't gone out in a quite some time. just him and i. father, daughter {he says he's never wanted a son, but i can't help but not believe that}.

i was trying to articulate this quote i heard that i just can't stop daydreaming about. it also fascinates me to imagine what my dad may have been like in his twenties.

you were never a jerk, were you dad? i asked.
well, no.
why do you think you weren't?
and he answered: that's just not how i was raised.

then it hit me.

my dad is the one of the most genuine and kind souls you'll ever meet. at least to his daughters two and wifey one. he'd do anything for us. anything to know that we are content. he aims to please his girlies three.

they say daughters look for a man exactly like their daddies. only the lucky ones, i guess.

well, lucky me.

as we were just about home i said, it's tough out there, dad.
i know it is, hunny. you've got to go through the bad to find the good.

and, just like that, i got it.

good people find each other. i need not worry because i will find someone with the same honorable qualities that he has. because i come from such an upstanding father, my standards are high and they will be met.

it was your birthday this past weekend. happy birthday. i believe with my whole heart, you're the best dad out there.

{i think we should live by this and this}.


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