i always will.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

she had a thing for sleeve tattoos. of all things {said with an eye roll, emphasis on the all} the ink just melted her.

what was it about his armful of stories?

maybe it was the façade of a hard exterior shell that he portrayed, but really underneath it all, he was as kind as they come. 

the first time they met she asked him, what's the meaning of that one there?

but it took him until the third time they saw each other for him to give into her curious heart. to tell her his stories from past lives. dreams and memories and roads well-traveled.

though he might not admit it to many, he knew on that first encounter she'd have a mark on his arm someday. she'd be part of his story. and, so would two beautiful babies they would together bring into this world.

all of their names are transcribed side by side on his arm. because they will forever be connected. like ink, family is permanent.

ahhhh, she finally realized. that's the reason that arm of yours is so sexy. the sweet hidden meanings behind the "badass."

i love you, she thought. i always will.

*{oh max, you get me every time}


  1. OMG! That is my family picture. I am so touched by that story. Thank you for posting!


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