weekend "haps."

Monday, February 28, 2011

this weekend sure was lovely. do you ever get that feeling? reflect...and think...how nice was that?

a few highlights...and "grateful-ness."

friday night was a soup-making kind of night, with all the hype of the ever-pending snow (which never came).

craving some split pea.

while it looks more like green goop than an appetizing meal, i promise it was pretty fantastic. lauren and shan can vouch for me. took ideas from a few recipes and then created one using these ingredients:
olive oil, garlic, oregano, yellow onion, carrots, celery, parsnip, red potatoes, salt/pepper, dried split green peas, vegetable broth.

let simmer. tah-dah! delicious.
a special thanks to my sous chef, shannon. and, my dearest lauren for the pre-soup appetizers. you really re-introduced me to the joy of a crisp green apple.

saturday was filled with yoga, jogging, card browsing (enter a $50 card purchase), a "step into woman-hood adventure" with molls, power walk with dre, kirtan chanting, and a night club. wow.

sunday embarked on a solo church adventure followed by a trader joes run.
had to document this rare occasion where i actually remembered to use my re-usable bags.

then onto facing my fears in anna's arm balance and inversion workshop. there is this odd yet bittersweet joy in scaring yourself into yoga poses and finding that sweet spot to overcome them. made for a great sunday afternoon.

this was followed by an impromptu oscar party with mar.

another rager. just like the superbowl. except "...and then there were two."

i think one of my favorite places in the world is my little "living room" sitting around the table with my best friends + wine + snacks.

little slice of heaven right there in my very own apartment. and that, is something to be grateful for.

never gets old.

i see the golden gate in all her glory every single day from the 'ol homestead. yet, there's something so breathtaking about her that i just can't get enough.
she stands so proud - the gatekeeper between sf and the rest of the world.

yoga drawing for Gina.

Friday, February 25, 2011

i received an email today from one of the dearest people i've ever encountered.

all it said was: "yoga drawing for Gina."

just because.

while we're on the subject of chalkboard quotes.

be kind. be true.

keep and release.

a well-known soul friend of mine and i relish in this quote. it's on a chalkboard in our happy place also known as aha. when she was getting ready to take a new job and embark on a new adventure in an entirely new city, this quote inspired her.
i think it is an important one to think about on each of our life journeys...in the day to day. each moment as we evolve into who we are, the things that suit us and serve us move closer and the things that don't move further away.

may you find your way...

drink fresh water.

meandering around university ave last night in palo alto i noticed they opened a lulu. this place will never cease to amaze me. and, i think it will always be one of the best places i've ever worked. my true essence shined, and that is the type of company you want to be apart of.


Thursday, February 24, 2011

drink daily. this sigg water bottle was given to me by a lovely bride back in september for being her bridesmaid. i've used it every day since.


i love pears...and pairs.

just thought you should know.

i also love instagram if you can't tell.


kate the great.

kate spade rocks.

she is quick and curious and playful and strong. she is a voracious reader and a fantastic dancer. she saves old snapshots, but always loses her umbrella. her emails pile up, but she never forgets to call her grandmother. she has $7 in change at the bottom of her handbag.

furry friends.

i'm probably too old to have stuffed animals. yup, i definitely am. but there's just something i love so much about a furry little creature.

meet cow cow.

he's been with me since age 8. received on my birthday in a reebok box from the one and only desla phillips. names over the years have been: perty (derived from the pert plus shampoo i used as a grade-schooler and then slept with wet hair on this furry creature), deody (stemmed from the phase i went through where i'd put deodorant, yup, on the poor pink cow (we do such odd things as kids)), mr. cow (probably from a lack of creativity in my teenage years) and finally cow cow. i think i owe it to the dear kevin turner who coined the term and it stuck. please don't miss the scrunchie around his ear. from the gap circa 1995. purple checkers, came in a three pack.

call me a dork, but i think it's important to remember the idiosyncrasies of childhood.

meet precious.

a gift from a co-worker with a note that read:
"g - here's to a much better week and lots more love in the air! xoxoxo, jeannine"

precious aka pj [precious junior] sits on my lap and cuddles all day. when you press his paw he even does a little lion rawr. and a giggle. who would have thought a post valentine's walgreens toy would cause this girl so much joy? thanks, jg! heart you.

the calm before the giants storm.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

i miss you b.wilson.

happy belated valentine's day.

today on my daily lunchtime power walk i came across a lovely surprise. a bum who possibly loves valentine's day as much as i do. made me smile. especially when i spotted a "dora the explorer" balloon.


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

be free.

celebrity yogi crush.

Monday, February 21, 2011

rusty is pure goodness.

am i on my way?

i hope so.


gets me going.

i had one of those moments on my run where i was just smiling for 3.5 minutes straight.


Sunday, February 20, 2011

isn't this picture simply divine?
everytime i look at it, it makes me soooo happy. i want to be her.

zero zero.

yum. i think this might be my new favorite restaurant in SF. and, let me just preface this with, i'm not one to get all jazz hands about good eats around town. but this...this was different. great ambiance and atmosphere. great lighting. even the whiskey bottles were so perfectly golden and lit up behind the bar. amazing authentic cocktail menu. wine list. and, my kind of food. thin crust pizzas, anitpastis, salads, and even pasta for the pasta lovers.

we went with...
the chickpea burratta bruschetta. divine.
the arugula and beet salad. one of my all time faves.
the margherita extra pizza and the fillmore pizza. best mushrooms i've ever had.

...and finally. the best part. dessert. i usually don't need it, but they truly have come up with the best invention ever.

yes, it warrants all caps.

anyhow, give it a try. you won't regret it.

happy birthday to my soul friend, minnie face. you are truly a light in my life.

song obsession.

heard this on alice today for the first time. and for someone who never ever changes the station from 97.3 i'm shocked this is the first time i've heard it.

Oh and I’m thinking about a red wine buzz and takin’ it easy, and I got you in my arms, takin’ a break from crazy
And I’ll say hey, you’ll say baby, how’s ur day, I’ll say crazy, but it’s all gonna be alright
You’ll kiss my smile, I’ll pull you closer, spend a while just getting to know ya, but it’s gonna be all alright
I’m loving you tonight
Loving you tonight

love it.

three generations of manicures.

this pic makes me happy. 87 + a french manicure. perfection.

grandma irene. mama leezee. me.

...that bow ring, yum.

hunny do i?

came home sweet home this week for some quality moraga parent time and this is what i walk into on the kitchen counter. made me smile.

rose v. mallow.

one of the most memorable moments from deer valley. may i never ever forget this moment. j, mar, and myself lounging at talisker after wine wine wine. now onto the hot chocolate i'd woke up thinking about. my heart yearns for this.

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