weekend "haps."

Monday, February 28, 2011

this weekend sure was lovely. do you ever get that feeling? reflect...and think...how nice was that?

a few highlights...and "grateful-ness."

friday night was a soup-making kind of night, with all the hype of the ever-pending snow (which never came).

craving some split pea.

while it looks more like green goop than an appetizing meal, i promise it was pretty fantastic. lauren and shan can vouch for me. took ideas from a few recipes and then created one using these ingredients:
olive oil, garlic, oregano, yellow onion, carrots, celery, parsnip, red potatoes, salt/pepper, dried split green peas, vegetable broth.

let simmer. tah-dah! delicious.
a special thanks to my sous chef, shannon. and, my dearest lauren for the pre-soup appetizers. you really re-introduced me to the joy of a crisp green apple.

saturday was filled with yoga, jogging, card browsing (enter a $50 card purchase), a "step into woman-hood adventure" with molls, power walk with dre, kirtan chanting, and a night club. wow.

sunday embarked on a solo church adventure followed by a trader joes run.
had to document this rare occasion where i actually remembered to use my re-usable bags.

then onto facing my fears in anna's arm balance and inversion workshop. there is this odd yet bittersweet joy in scaring yourself into yoga poses and finding that sweet spot to overcome them. made for a great sunday afternoon.

this was followed by an impromptu oscar party with mar.

another rager. just like the superbowl. except "...and then there were two."

i think one of my favorite places in the world is my little "living room" sitting around the table with my best friends + wine + snacks.

little slice of heaven right there in my very own apartment. and that, is something to be grateful for.


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