furry friends.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

i'm probably too old to have stuffed animals. yup, i definitely am. but there's just something i love so much about a furry little creature.

meet cow cow.

he's been with me since age 8. received on my birthday in a reebok box from the one and only desla phillips. names over the years have been: perty (derived from the pert plus shampoo i used as a grade-schooler and then slept with wet hair on this furry creature), deody (stemmed from the phase i went through where i'd put deodorant, yup, on the poor pink cow (we do such odd things as kids)), mr. cow (probably from a lack of creativity in my teenage years) and finally cow cow. i think i owe it to the dear kevin turner who coined the term and it stuck. please don't miss the scrunchie around his ear. from the gap circa 1995. purple checkers, came in a three pack.

call me a dork, but i think it's important to remember the idiosyncrasies of childhood.

meet precious.

a gift from a co-worker with a note that read:
"g - here's to a much better week and lots more love in the air! xoxoxo, jeannine"

precious aka pj [precious junior] sits on my lap and cuddles all day. when you press his paw he even does a little lion rawr. and a giggle. who would have thought a post valentine's walgreens toy would cause this girl so much joy? thanks, jg! heart you.


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