january 30th

Friday, January 30, 2009

1. highlights.
there's something to say for feeling a little lighter...a little brighter. i've been feeling a little "dull" lately for lack of a better word. it's funny, i've convinced myself that i'm going to go temporarily brunette sometime in my 20's...yeah, right. i hope i get the courage sometime in the next 7 years. until then...
2. manicure/pedicure.
gosh, double b-e-a-u-t-f-y-i-n-g today. i wish i could have captured the picture of mom and i in the spa massage chairs with the asian ladies giving us extra long massages. "you want 10 more minutes?" ummm...yes, please. it's been a long week. my girl told me i looked like julianne hough from dancing with the stars. hmmm...ok, i'll take it. gorgeous country music singer, no problem. and to top it off, they think mom and i are sisters. no wonder we keep going back...we leave feeling so good about ourselves.
3. chow.
when in doubt, pick chow. sometimes i love spending friday nights with my parents. well, i guess it doesn't necessarily have to be a friday. the most amazing added bonus tonight was dez. she is the dollface server of the restaurant and i'm proud of her for getting her own thing going. so thankful for the chow meal and catching up with dez. i miss her.
4. father of the bride.
i've decided that this is one of my top 3 favorite movies of all time. i always thought i was going to grow up to be just like annie banks. fall in love at 22 while studying abroad in rome. perfect husband and perfect wedding. my, how far from reality that seems now. my story is and will be quite different than that. you know what i noticed about annie banks though...where are her girlfriends?
5. home sweet home.

january 29th

Thursday, January 29, 2009

1. www.thedailymoment.blogspot.com.
january 23rd. enough said. my little older sister role model. find 'em everywhere i go in life...
2. hummus.
i am obsessed. i turn hummus into full-on salad dressing. sabra is the absolute best.
3. reconnecting with childhood friends.
i had so much fun. i am thankful that l.m. has been such a wonderful bridge between old friends. small world connections are the best.
4. it's a wonderful lie: 26 truths about life in your 20's.
there's so much insight in this book about life in your early 20's. i am not alone. i am also really inspired to be a good writer.
5. wine after a long day.
sometimes it's hard to get through a day without vino. today was one of those days. pinot noir is my top choice.

january 28th

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

1. walking a new way to work.
makes me think of one of my favorite quotes of all time. i don't even know who it's by...it just jumped out at me once in an article from self magazine. i cut the paragraph out and it now sits on my quote board among literary geniuses...emerson, thoreau, roosevelt. the best part is, it's written by no one famous, just a common woman like you and me. it defines courage with such simplicity: "and what is courage, anyway? courage, for me, is not about jumping out of a plane or going scuba diving. i think it means living with a level of awareness and fluidity, about being able to bend to meet the demands of the day. courage means saying what you think to those you love, walking a new way home, staying up to see the sun rise and not fearing the fatigue that will follow. courage means being open to change, when change is a possibility." every time i change my routine or "walk a new way home" i think of this quote and give myself credit for being courageous. you should too.
2. a fresh copy of self magazine.
yes, that quote made me think of self and i just so happen to have picked up a brand new copy with jenna fischer on the cover. this has always been my favorite magazine. i feel like they get the life of a woman in her twenties and thirties. i love flipping through it for the first time. and, that's what i did for my whole lunch break in the sun.
3. that i have a job.
today, microsoft office was my worst enemy. i cannot get that damn personal pst folder to work. but, i'm not going to let it ruin my day. i am not as well informed as i should be in the matters of this financial crisis. so, instead of complaining and getting upset, i'm going to be thankful.
4. messages from best friends.
my walk home from yoga was accompanied by 3 new voice. woo! they were all so sincere and dear. i'm lucky.
5. ichatting with ames and courtney.
i haven't ichatted in a long time. what a great invention...what a perfect ending to my stressful day. troubles and worries forgotten. to see little ames in her little room living her little life. love hearing who her and her friends are makin' out with. i just get the biggest grin on my face.

january 27th

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

1. grapenuts.
had to make a pit stop on the way to work just to pick up a box along with some soy milk. i forgot how good and crunchy they are.
2. getting up for a split second longer in crow pose aka bakasana :)
i'm terrible at this pose. something just doesn't click. but, when it does, it's really fun. and i don't care if it's only for an 1/8 of a second. it's like a new door opening.
3. running into aftercollege friends.
i get so nostalgic hearing how everyone is holding up...it's interesting how that chapter of my life is closed. it was such a great chapter.
4. getting to go to an ad agency meeting.
today was my first true meeting with an agency - more of a presentation by us. ad campaigns are so cool and creative. i am lucky that i get to be in this industry and have this opportunity to learn.
5. hot showers for 20 minutes just to get warm.
perfect way to end a stressful day.

january 26th

today was one of those days. did not leave the office. did not see the
light of day. did not eat lunch. no contact with the outside world.
but, gina, this is the point of gratitude. even when you think you
cannot find any joy in the matter of 15 hours of being awake, dig
1. emails from leezeebee.
just to check in, see how i'm doing. "hey cutie."
2. peet's coffee.
i haven't been here in forever now that i have new stomping grounds. discovered a new one close by today and it gave me that extra boost.
3. a good workout.
i haven't had a really good workout in a while. i love that feeling where all you want to blow off some steam and run run run, climb, climb, climb. thank you, endorphins, this day would not have been any good without you.
4. serving aces.
it feels so damn good to get aggression out via a good serve.
5. this blog.
this experiment is really working. it's improving my mood. never go to
sleep unhappy. i'm going to try and live by that. at the wedding i recently attended, the slideshow included an interview with the father of the bride. his one piece of advice: never go to bed mad. i'm going to reinvent that.

january 25th

1. the holiday.
this movie leaves me feeling happy every time. it's up there with love actually.
2. new friend bonding.
i'm truly thankful and blessed with the new friends i've made this past year. it's funny, exactly one year ago, none of them were in my life. we all know life in the early twenties is pretty damn hard. we're all trying to do and be our best. i put it just the way i genuinely feel the other day in an email: "some days i feel on top of the world and that everything is just as it should be, and some days i can't find my light and wonder why i'm not shining." anyhow, in this phase of life we're learning and growing and new friendships are put before us. i feel like i'm weaving a blanket of friendships...relationships are constantly changing, and each and every one is incredibly important. equally important. each one has meaning and brings something good to who you are no matter the walk of life you are in.
3. realizing that people come from the same backgrounds.
i feel like the company you keep says a lot about who you are. i love learning about people and discovering that they've lived almost an identical life to you, but just in a different town.
4. meg's wall-o-fun.
i might have to post a picture of this. it's indescribable. floor to ceiling, completely covered in magazine ads from the awkward teen years. picture...milk ads, covergirl, dawson's creek, roxy, abercrombie, ym, and oh so much more...i stared at this masterpiece for hours. it perfectly captures our generation.
5. warriors games.
i think basketball has become my favorite sport to watch. bypassed football. i heart kelenna azubbike. like he needs to be my boyfriend. now. how can this happen?

january 24th

january 24th
1. car games.
when in doubt...20 questions, "would you rather?," the celebrity game.
2. waking up to the snow.
there's nothing like sleeping soundly in a quiet cabin and waking up
to falling snow. i haven't seen it snow in over a year. it was a
winter wonderland.
3. northern california.
reflecting on the past two weekends makes me truly appreciate the
wonder of northern california. there's no better place to live. how many places in the world can you be on the beach in 78 degree weather and seven days later be snowed in? amazing.
4. strolling in the fresh mountain snowy crisp air to a quaint lodge
on serene lake.
this was pretty random, i must admit. but, instead of skiing in a
"blizzard" (let's be honest, it was nowhere near a blizzard, i just
declare myself a "fair-weather-skiier" only) we walked to the lodge,
had hot chocolate & peppermint schnapps, and played a really great
game of scrabble. the bartender really liked that he had 4 girls under
the age of 25 in his presence.
5. revisiting a childhood memory that is so vivid it makes me smile.
between the ages of...i'd say infancy to 11, maybe, we had a place in
tahoe donner. why oh why did we sell it? such great memories there.
today, i got to reenact being 7 years old again and going through the
dairy queen drive-thru for a small vanilla with chocolate fudge. i
remember being in that same drive-thru in the run-down town of truckee 16 years ago with dad picking up the same exact thing. it would be just the same feeling if i went to baskin robbins for a kids scoop of mint chocolate chip on a sugar cone. only the best.

january 23rd

Friday, January 23, 2009

1. the excitement of a weekend in the mountains.
tahoe here we coooooome. wine. cabin fever. skiing.
2. a perfectly chilled, crisp, sliced organic apple at 3:30pm.
a side of blackberries to top it off.
3. ginger candy.
i've got to get a bag of my own. it's my new obsession.
4. a yoga teacher i want to follow.
gotta have that connection to keep wanting to go back. i'm thankful i went 3 days in a row...living the life i've always imagined.
5. iloveyoumorethanblank.com
i feel like i've spread some joy with this in the past 2 days. it's a fun game! what a great thought to occupy the mind. when in doubt, think about love...and the way you want to love "the one." i love you more than _______.

january 22nd

Thursday, January 22, 2009

1. my marc jacobs rain boots.
i gave them their first whirl today...and boy, were they a hit! that $28 was well worth it. you know when a random, middle-aged man (who kind of looked like marc jacobs himself actually, i'm not gonna lie) hops on the cable car, sits down next to you, and at first glance goes, "i like your rain boots...[silence]...are they by...marc?" not only do they keep me dry, but they're a conversation starter too.
2. random strangers striking up conversation.
this same man proceeded to inform me that obama just passed a bill to give everyone a billion dollars to stimulate the economy. "what are you going to do with your money?" he asked me "where are you going to go on vacation...anywhere in the world!?" i told him i'd be right on the beach in maui staying at the 4 seasons in wailea. he must have thought i was such a nut. his answer was torn between his love for hawaii and his desire to go to south africa. i hope that kind gentleman gets to go.
3. running into dre.
there's nothing like bumping into a dear friend on public transportation. i love when that first sight takes you by such surprise.
4. laughing at myself in the big black raincoat.
not only are the boots a hit, the trench coat is a show stopper. tony, the nice security guy at the office, told me he thought the grim reaper was at the front door. i'm not even exactly sure what this creature looks like, but i know it can't be good. i still giggle when i think of that comment. stacie thought the coat was more mary poppins-ish (with the umbrella and all). wow, if only my huge bag was bottomless.
5. falling asleep to the rain.
cliche, yes, but there really is nothing like it. so soothing...

january 21st

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

1. email chains from old friends.
i remember the days of sitting in my freshman year dorm room on my first lap top - bless that oversized royal blue dell that lasted only a year - reading daily updates from sf, dp, mr, ja, and jt. gosh, those got me through a lot of tough times. a lot! anyhow, it's pretty amazing that even though the emails are incredibly less frequent in this phase of life - the real world, per se - i find joy that we can pick up where we left off, no matter what.
2. running across the street for a chai tea kit.
the cbs - nbc hand off. it's probably against the rules or something.
3. fruit gum.
it really kicks a craving good bye. nothing beats trident watermelon twist.
4. haircuts.
i have this image of my old dog, miss ellie, going into the groomers for a nice trim and shampoo. she came out smelling like heaven. that's what i feel like right now. despite my minor panic attack that he was taking too much off, once i recovered from that, i realized that it's a good thing. my head feels as light as air.
5. that feeling in yoga when one of your favorite songs comes on and you can hardly contain yourself because all you want to do is dance and laugh.
tonight at my favorite night of the week - vino & vinyasa - it was bob marley, "could you be loved." i haven't felt that relaxed and carefree after a class in a while. it's such a natural high. i love it.

january 20th

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

1. wedding photography websites.
since i'm not in love myself, i kind of live vicariously through others' love. there's something about weddings that really gets me. in another life i would be a wedding photographer. or a wedding planner. anything to do with weddings, really...just so i could be around the celebration of love all the time. these are two of my favorites: maxwanger.com & andrejkaphotography.com. the art of capturing two people in love is so beautiful.
2. my new mug from anthro with the letter "g" on it.
i passed by it in anthropology and said, "oh mom, stacie has that mug. i love it." and, what a treat - she got it for me. funny how a little $6 purchase can make me so happy sitting here on my desk. i think i'll go fill her up now.
3. the lost and found finding my brand new vanilla noir lotion.
i was so disappointed b/c i've only used it 3 times. it smells heavenly...what a waste. it was my favorite stocking stuffer this year. but, i must have good karma today because on a whim i asked if they had it in l & f. sure enough - there it was! what an embarrassing thing to ask for. now i better go pay it forward and spread some more good karma.
4. roasted veggies.
i'm on a new kick of roasting veggies instead of stir-frying them (what i've done every night for the past 3 years). so i'm inventing and throwing things together. it's really fun.
5. smiles that make you melt.
currently my favorite grin is julian on one tree hill.

january 19th

Monday, January 19, 2009

1. getting sunburned in january.
it's not the burn i'm thankful for...it's the fact that it was 78 degrees and actually possible to get some color in the middle of winter. got some lines.
2. trader joes.
it's the perfect grocery store. never have i ever seen it so crowded. it sure gets the job done, though. love being set on groceries for the week!
3. skinny hangers.
my closet just expanded! i can actually sort through my clothes now - thanks mom.
4. volleyball matches.
first game of the intramural season was tonight. love getting involved in something new and it came back easier than i thought. haven't smiled that much in a while. brings back the good 'ol days when it was the center of my world.
5. international calls from australia.
mar's living the dream life. i'm jealous. but her explanation of the place gives me hope that something that magical and carefree and happy actually exists. i'm in such a good mood.

january 18th

1. carmel by the sea.
only a quick 2 hours down the 101. what a great escape.
2. my dinner at roy's.
tuna poke/avocado, green curry crusted opah over white rice, and seaweed salad. literally, the best meal of my life.
3. a successful shopping trip.
i do it approximately every 3 months...drop a large amount of money on clothes. but, it's necessary, rejuvinating, and exciting. i'm thankful i can do it here and there.
4. an after dinner drink by the fire.
there's nothing like getting tipsy with the parents and talking to random strangers that you'll never see again about the most random things. my parents are hilarious. is it bad i haven't had that much fun in a while and i was with 2 fifty year olds? thank gosh for them;)
5. finally finishing the twilight series.
i mean what an accomplishment for a light reader. thousands of pages of edward and bella and werewolves and vampires. glad i read it, glad it's done:)

january 17th

1. saturday morning routines at the san francisco farmers market.
i love a good weekend morning routine. starting out the day right. gaining stability. the farmers market is so vibrant. the smell, the colors, the sun, the flowers, the fresh lavender, the trio of girls singing and playing a mini guitar hoping for some tips, the eclectic group of tourists and locals, the bay bridge in the background. i love the energy here and would be so content if it was part of every one of my saturday mornings.
2. independence.
there's something to stay for not having to stick to anyone's schedule but your own. i must admit, i'm pretty damn independent. sometimes i feel like i wake up and, well, it's time to paint my own picture. get out the brushes and start walking. i must have walked 5 miles total. i'm lucky i have a healthy 2 feet to get me from point a to point b.
3. trying new things.
i stood in line for 10 minutes and then sat and waited for another 15 just to try this infamous blue bottle coffee. all organic. all locally produced. all hand-cared for. it was pretty great. they individually filter each cup of coffee...made with love. i could have settled for my usual quick in-and-out at peet's along with a cherry flaxseed muffin, but no, i ventured outside my box for a blue bottle au lait and a pear. i heart samples.
4. ysl exhibit at the de young.
i've ventured down to golden gate park only twice since my move to the city - which in the mess of outside lands and bay-to-breakers, i'd say that hardly counts. finally glad to do something cultured in this glorious city. it was pretty magical being in a gallery of one of a kind pieces from the ysl collections "made to order" for important people and inspired by famous artists. fashion is truly an art form and this exhibit reminded me of that.
5. one-liners from juno.
"yeah, you just take soupy sales to prom. i can think of so many cooler things to do that night. like, you know what bleek? I might pumice my feet, uh, I might go to bren's dumb unitarian church, maybe get hit by a truck full of hot garbage juice, you know? 'cause all those things would be exponentially cooler than going to prom with you!"
that makes me smile...i've been thinking about it all weekend.

january 16th

Sunday, January 18, 2009

1. the friday feeling.
there's nothing like going to work on this day and realizing that 4 stressful days are behind you and a nice 3 day weekend is ahead. i used to somewhat dislike fridays and the pressure of the weekends...not anymore:) and, to top it off, at 5:15pm it was still light out...gives me hope for the days when i can walk home at dusk.
2. goin' goin' to the grammy's grammy's.
yeah -- wow. i'm lucky. booked my flight today. love l.e.c.
3. RJ's.
the perfect organic market - way too expensive of course ($8 for a box of cereal, you've got to be joking). but, it always has just what i want right around the corner from the office. growing to love the "boon-docks" of battery street.
4. spontaneity.
dieds calls me at 6 and says she'll be over in 15 min. ok! get ready...go. it's like 4 months hasn't even passed.
5. singing taylor swift and analyzing the lyrics.
i heart her. there's been countless times now where i've found myself with wine + taylor. is that embarrassing or what!? one of them was the car ride to sb, but we won't discuss that now...it's just where i was introduced to her. tonight was filled with wine and belting out "forever and always (damn you joe jonas)...oh back up, oh baby back up" and dancing around in the kitchen like we'll do at our weddings:)

january 15th

Thursday, January 15, 2009

1. kicking ass at my job.
you know...the majority of time in the past 3 months i have been down right frustrated and highly confused. come on, gina, this is nbc, love it. and i do. and today made me realize that i can do it and i did a damn good job. something clicked...may have been only for today, but that's okay for now.
2. jamba juice cold buster.
kick that cold goodbye.
3. extra brothy chicken noodle soup.
double-kick that cold goodbye.
4. my d.y. ring.
while i hesitate to be thankful for material items, sometimes the beauty of this ring catches me off guard when i look down. i am so happy about this purchase:) i'm lucky.
5. bay club.
my workouts have turned into full on spa visits...i'm not even joking.

how many times have i used kick in this blog today? geez gina.

january 14th

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

1. standing right next to my bus crush.
there really are so many different kinds of crushes if you think about it...gym crushes, girl crushes, first crushes...but my bus crush is such a doll. maybe early 30's, dirty blonde hair, tall...resembles an east coast rugby player. this is just the idea i've created in my head, of course. but, that's what i'm thankful for...the unknown of a crush. it's such a fun feeling. the suspense of when you'll be en route with him again. maybe next time we'll talk:)
2. whole foods around the corner.
while this used to be a money suck...it's now a saving grace. i get so happy browsing those aisles. that smell upon entering of the fresh flowers - nothing beats it. i could browse for hours and instantly feel healthier.
3. pandora at work.
my playlist is pretty great, i must admit. pandora is one of the cooler inventions i know of. i love that feeling when you're just going about your business and the first few notes of one of your favorite songs comes on. currently, it's amos lee "sympathize" & the weepies "all this beauty."
4. 12 hours of sleep.
there's something to say for getting to bed by 9:30pm. it rarely happens, but i'm thankful when it does. and, i'm pretty lucky that my job allows me to come in a little late when i feel like i was hit by a mack truck.
5. friends who want to make me tea.
i'm blessed!

january 13th

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

1. the asian woman at walgreens who was very concernced for my health.
as i purchased some tylenol cold this morning (after a good 10 min trying to decide in the "cold & flu" aisle) and brought it to the register along with my honey lemon ricola, the woman checking me out clearly knew i was sick. "tylenol cold good. i buy this for my family. drink lots water." thanks for the motherly advice.
2. getting to know a stranger.
i sincerely love learning about someone's life. everyone has a story. ran into our cable car bffffff today and learned part of his life story. love it - started the day off right.
3. shan getting me through the day.
Shan: i cant believe i havent made it yet
me: made what
oh, the blog
you silly bean
i think about you ALL the time
Shan: hahaha
me: gotta have a good moment for us to be thankful for each other
Shan: yes of course
i'm just teasing you btw
Shan: hahahhaha
and i couldnt decide what to have for lunch!
i just dont know today
Shan: ok im going to go get something
i think a salad
from chop't
a santa fe

...enough said.
4.the IT help desk.
there's something about talking to india at 1:30 in the afternoon. how do they know so much? i'm fascinated how the sweet woman can take control of my computer and make everything better. phew!
5. assisting in "a picture a day."
between finding things to be thankful for and finding things to take pictures of, my awareness has really increased this week. i like it. for some reason this quote comes to mind from one of my fave movies: "love actually is all around."

january 12th

Monday, January 12, 2009

1. hanging off the cable car.
sometimes i take for granted that my daily commute consists of walking 5 blocks to the glorious cable car stop and jumping on at the first stop - beating the crowds - and riding the graceful hill of california street. we always sit outside (on the same side with the best view - of course) and, what a treat it is to have entertaining conversations with ann every single day (along with our bffff). i love observing the people who hop on and off...the couples...the older women dressed to the nines, the engagement rings (anyone who knows me knows that i have a thing for them and my eyes are drawn to the ring finger of every person i encounter - it's bizarre). i ride a historical landmark to work every day. (at exactly 9 miles an hour - fun fact i learned on the red double decker bus tour!) anyhow, just as we approach battery street i usually get up with the several bags i have on board with me (somehow i became a bag woman) and let the wind kind of blow in my hair about to hop off not without shouting a quick "thank you" at the driver. i love that feeling...that exact moment. makes me think of that shot of dj tanner in the intro to full house or something:) anyways, i'm lucky.
2. french flashcards.
stacie has decided to learn french...with a little help from me, it seems. who knows if i'm even pronouncing these words correctly, but irregardless, it sure is a blast from the past. makes me think of my 7th grade textbook in which every chapter was divided into a categories of vocabulary words. it also reminded me of the three french teachers i had in my day. "en hiver les branches sont nues." my favorite flashcard thus far. actually - the one about le gateau might beat it..."qui a mange du gateau?"
3. lunch in the sun in levi plaza park.
we camped out on the grass today and claimed a rock right in the center next to a babbling brook:) i could feel the vitamin d making me happier - i'm not even joking.
4. monday night tv lineups.
for someone who has only ever followed a couple shows at a time...monday nights are too much. they make me giddy. thank gosh for ti-vo.
5. dad's gchats and amy's im's during the day.
i know i'm not always the nicest and pretty much always sidetracked when he tries to talk to me, however, there's something to say for the fact that without fail dad always checks in...and i get a kick that i'm the only green dot on his buddy list. and ame's im's in the middle of the day bring me such comfort. she's about to be riding her bike to class while slightly hungover on a tuesday in santa barbara doing the same EXACT things i used to do. it really is bittersweet. but, it makes me happy and i'm thankful that i can live vicariously through her. it makes me hang on to that chapter in my life a little longer. and, i'm happy that she's happy.

january 11th

Sunday, January 11, 2009

1. a nice leisurely sunday morning at the club.
laps and a steam is my secret cure for a hangover...
2. warm sunshine in the middle of january.
the cold winter days really pile up, and when we're "teased" with 60 degree air and bright rays it makes me so happy. i could stand against a concrete wall in black clothes all day long just to be warm. love that feeling.
3. home-made soup for the week.
mom never fails to want to stock my fridge with healthy choices:)
4. nbc on the golden globes.
my oh my it makes me happy to be so "in the know"...i'm so proud!
5. crepevine.
i could go here every weekend for the rest of my life and be SO content.

january 10th

1. witnessing love.
i haven't been to a wedding in quite some time now...e's wedding reminded me of how wonderful and important it is to celebrate the relationship between two people.
2. CM
she's my pal:) and one of the coolest people i know.
3. high school sweethearts.
i'm amazed how you can find "the one" at such a young age and it seems that this kind of relationship makes for two true best friends in love.
4. champagne
....enough said. those long stem glasses are pretty rad too.
5. the comfort of old friends.
the phenomenon of not seeing someone for a while and having it be completely at ease. it reassures me that though distance separates many people dear to my heart, it can be as if no time has passed when we're together.

"together forever, never apart...maybe in distance, but never at heart."

january 9th

Friday, January 9, 2009

1. lunchtime yoga.
there's nothing like a little yoga in the middle of your work day. this might be one of my favorite concepts ever invented. a quick 60 min and you come out feeling like a new person.
2. sisters -- not by relation.
you know when you just can say ANYTHING to someone without the fear of being judged and they'll love you anyway? this is probably one of the most satisfying feelings in the world. these are my soul sisters.
3. EXTRA fizzy kombucha. mmmmmmm.
4. a greeting card that perfectly captures the message you'd like to relay to someone in words that you'd never think to say.
5. my "life i love you all is groooooovvvyyyyy" simon & garfunkel 59th street bridge song ringtone. it gets me every time. i'm feelin' groovy.
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