january 28th

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

1. walking a new way to work.
makes me think of one of my favorite quotes of all time. i don't even know who it's by...it just jumped out at me once in an article from self magazine. i cut the paragraph out and it now sits on my quote board among literary geniuses...emerson, thoreau, roosevelt. the best part is, it's written by no one famous, just a common woman like you and me. it defines courage with such simplicity: "and what is courage, anyway? courage, for me, is not about jumping out of a plane or going scuba diving. i think it means living with a level of awareness and fluidity, about being able to bend to meet the demands of the day. courage means saying what you think to those you love, walking a new way home, staying up to see the sun rise and not fearing the fatigue that will follow. courage means being open to change, when change is a possibility." every time i change my routine or "walk a new way home" i think of this quote and give myself credit for being courageous. you should too.
2. a fresh copy of self magazine.
yes, that quote made me think of self and i just so happen to have picked up a brand new copy with jenna fischer on the cover. this has always been my favorite magazine. i feel like they get the life of a woman in her twenties and thirties. i love flipping through it for the first time. and, that's what i did for my whole lunch break in the sun.
3. that i have a job.
today, microsoft office was my worst enemy. i cannot get that damn personal pst folder to work. but, i'm not going to let it ruin my day. i am not as well informed as i should be in the matters of this financial crisis. so, instead of complaining and getting upset, i'm going to be thankful.
4. messages from best friends.
my walk home from yoga was accompanied by 3 new voice. woo! they were all so sincere and dear. i'm lucky.
5. ichatting with ames and courtney.
i haven't ichatted in a long time. what a great invention...what a perfect ending to my stressful day. troubles and worries forgotten. to see little ames in her little room living her little life. love hearing who her and her friends are makin' out with. i just get the biggest grin on my face.


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