january 27th

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

1. grapenuts.
had to make a pit stop on the way to work just to pick up a box along with some soy milk. i forgot how good and crunchy they are.
2. getting up for a split second longer in crow pose aka bakasana :)
i'm terrible at this pose. something just doesn't click. but, when it does, it's really fun. and i don't care if it's only for an 1/8 of a second. it's like a new door opening.
3. running into aftercollege friends.
i get so nostalgic hearing how everyone is holding up...it's interesting how that chapter of my life is closed. it was such a great chapter.
4. getting to go to an ad agency meeting.
today was my first true meeting with an agency - more of a presentation by us. ad campaigns are so cool and creative. i am lucky that i get to be in this industry and have this opportunity to learn.
5. hot showers for 20 minutes just to get warm.
perfect way to end a stressful day.


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