january 18th

Monday, January 19, 2009

1. carmel by the sea.
only a quick 2 hours down the 101. what a great escape.
2. my dinner at roy's.
tuna poke/avocado, green curry crusted opah over white rice, and seaweed salad. literally, the best meal of my life.
3. a successful shopping trip.
i do it approximately every 3 months...drop a large amount of money on clothes. but, it's necessary, rejuvinating, and exciting. i'm thankful i can do it here and there.
4. an after dinner drink by the fire.
there's nothing like getting tipsy with the parents and talking to random strangers that you'll never see again about the most random things. my parents are hilarious. is it bad i haven't had that much fun in a while and i was with 2 fifty year olds? thank gosh for them;)
5. finally finishing the twilight series.
i mean what an accomplishment for a light reader. thousands of pages of edward and bella and werewolves and vampires. glad i read it, glad it's done:)


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